Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker (25)

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Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker (25)

Postby Sharkattack056 » Fri May 27, 2011 7:39 am

I have noticed that some people have a lot of confusion on how to go about I am going to explain my guild's strategy, along with some alternative measures depending on the specific problems you're having.

Main Differences

- All 5 drakes will be active, along with all abilities Halfus and his drake have.

Our Composition

Tanks: 3
Healers: 7
DPS: 15

Phase 1

Prior to the pull, your raid should assign a kill order for the drakes. This is our kill order:

1. Time Warden
2. Storm Rider
3. Nether Scion
4. Whelps (Just from splash and AoE0

For the sake of explanation, I will be explaining this fight in terms of our kill order, however, another kill order may work just as well. The next thing you should assign, is which tank is tanking which drake. Our first tank initially pulls and tanks Halfus, our second tank frees the Time Warden and has a hunter free and MD the Nether Scion to them (He tanks them both), our third tank frees and tanks the Storm Rider.

Upon pulling, it is a good habbit to pull Halfus from a distance, and begin running back towards the wall, to allow more time for Halfus to run, and less time he hits you. The reasoning for this is so that Halfus' attack speed buff, along with the healing reduction debuff, do not stack up too quickly before the drakes free, and put their debuffs on Halfus. Halfus should be tanked in the middle of the room, along with all the tanked drakes. As you notice, we do not release the whelps upon pull, they will be released later in the fight. When the Halfus tank has around 7 stacks of the healing debuff, the Storm Rider tank must taunt off, and the Halfus tank must taunt the Storm Rider off. This process will repeat once the first tank's stacks are gone. Meanwhile, all other DPS should be focusing on the Time Warden to quickly burn him down. If enrage timer is not an issue, it may be more beneficial to pop you Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp cooldown at the beginning on the fight, to burn the Time Warden down quickly.

Once the Time Warden dies, the Whelps must be released right after, and picked up by the tank who is on the Nether Scion. DPS will now focus on their second target, the Storm Rider, while their splash damage slowly kills the Whelps. At this point, the fight simply goes like this: Burn the Storm Rider, then the Nether Scion, then finish off the remaining whelps, then push Halfus into Phase 2 at 50%.

Phase 2

Phase 2 on heroic mode is the same as on normal mode. The only difference is that interupting the Shadow Nova that comes after a Furious Roar is a lot more important, since this has the high possibility of causing a wipe. We assigned classes that can break out of the Furious Roar (i.e Mages can Blink) to be in charge of the interupts that follow a Furious Roar. The fight should be incredibly easier at this point, since all the drakes will be down. Maintain interupts on Shadow Nova, and continue taunt swapping on Halfus, and this fight should be won at this point. If you did not pop Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp at the beginning of the fight, you should pop it during Phase 2.


- If tank survivability is your issue, you can put a fourth tank on either the Nether Scion or the Time Warden, since that will be the tank who takes the most damage.

- Your raid should never take damage that can't be healed by AoE healing effects like Wild Growth, or Healing Rain. If your healers find that they need to focus their single target heals on raid members, they are taking unnessecary damage from fireballs, and should be notified.

- Assign dependable interupters on Halfus. Ones that can not only interupt every Shadow Nova spot on, but also ones that don't get hit by fireballs, and ones that never disconnect mid-battle.
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