[10] Heroic Ascendant Council

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[10] Heroic Ascendant Council

Postby BennyHill » Tue May 17, 2011 10:11 pm

Any tips for this boss? Is the strat the same as 25 man? I was hoping to solo tank it as well to make P3 easier.
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Re: [10] Heroic Ascendant Council

Postby dukka » Wed May 18, 2011 12:32 am

There's a little bit about it in the cho'gall thread: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=31291

Can't comment on 25man, but I suppose it's much the same

If you solo tank it, it's helpful to have a melee person taunt the very first time feludius does his nova, so melee can nuke the shield (shield + nova almost always happen the same time, the first time, after that they're ~5 seconds apart and not a problem, you can just run away with feludius when ignasius(?) shields up)

positioning in p1 helps a lot, if you hug in the center to clear debuffs, make sure noone is too close to the center, we put a healer at the far back, who couldn't always reach melee/ tank but would stay back nevertheless.

if you stay below the stairs, range to healers should be ok.

p2 is all about everyone learning to run correctly with frost orbs, at least it was for us, took a while, once that was handled it's not that bad either, put 1-2 ranged interrupters on aion, and make sure you move away from the earth spikes as much as possible

for us p1 was pretty easy to get solid, p2 took a lot of wipes, and p3 was over the 4th or 5th time we got there, it's really important to keep everyone alive, so have healers ready to really spam heal the grabbed person, once you start loosing a ranged or two, and lightning goes in melee, you wipe really quick
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Re: [10] Heroic Ascendant Council

Postby Hrobertgar » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:13 pm

We had a quick raid week this week, so we decided to run some older heroics. When we got to this one, it was sort of fun, but I can see why there are so few kills. We didn't have our top dps, but still almost certainly a bit more than ppl had back when it was fresh, not to mention larger health pools.

Ph1 jsut takes a little bit of discipline once you get used to it. The static charge ALWAYS gets cast first, then about ~5 secs later gravity will go out. The meet at standard spot, and it was never a problem mechanic wise, let alone gear wise.

Ph2 however was a different story. The very first frost orbs spawns several seconds prior to the first flame patch appearing, leaving someone to kite the orb for a sometime while the raid manuevers for grounded buff and for lightning rod. Then the orbs seem to accelerate a bit. Getting ph2 below 50% without a death to frozen orbs was a definite challenge. An orb explosion would hit most ppl for about 140k, which was survivable with DS gear for most of the raid (1-2 deaths per orb), but if several orbs hit, then 1 Bres wouldn't cut it.

We have decided to experiment with stacking & blowing raid CDs to 'eat' the first orb so as to increase the population of flame patches for later orbs. But we are running low on time tonight, so its not clear how well that will work out, and it would still require the lightning target to get away from the raid. We had only 1 attempt at this, with a 4pcT13 tank CD + Barrier + AM, unfortunately the raid died to lightning before the frost orb hit.

edit: yea, we had a DC and called it.

edit2: Part of the issue we were having in ph2, was that sometimes the spread of the tornado/ground buffs in conjunction with the flame patches was really far apart and it became difficult to get the appropriate buff and still make it to the flame patch. So the hope was that by using raid CDs for the first orb it would increase the population of flame patches and decrease the average kiting distance to minimize frost orb fails.

I'm going to watch more vids in case we get a few more pulls next week.
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Re: [10] Heroic Ascendant Council

Postby Cema » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:08 am

You're doing it wrong

In P2 just imagine you always split the room into 2 parts. Try to have your raid moving always together except people with lighning rods.

Spawn frozen orb on one side, have your raid move to opposite side of the room, spawn fire ring. By doing this you will nearly always have the fire ring between you and the frozen orb. By the way never go too close to the walls, spawning fire ring close to the walls is bad because oftenly people won't be able to have the ring between them and the orb. Try to have you raid always staying in the pattern on the ground

edit : if you are too lazy there is another solution. burn one of the bosses in P2 and finish the boss in P3. With T13 gear having the boss with 30% hp at the beginning of P3 won't really be a problem, we were already doing it in T12heroic gear
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