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Re: [10] Halfus normal

Postby DexterBelgium » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:39 am

lythac wrote:
DexterBelgium wrote:My game plan for tonight would be: grap whelps and time (to alleviate raidwide damage as much as possible), AoE whelps down first, grab nether. Is that a somewhat solid plan, or am I bonkers? Thing is, the debuff applied to the boss by the Nether Scion seems to be the least potent in terms of "alleviating" the fight (as long as the Halfustankhealer can keep him up).

What we did yesterday was -

Tank 1, Time (1) > NS (3)
Tank 2, Whelps (2) + Halfus (4)

Not sure if you are saying for one tank to have both whelps and time and the other to have Halfus? Whatever it is, whoever takes Halfus should take the whelps. My concern with AoEing the whelps down first would be having to wait for enough threat as you would be using Heroism and players using personal CDs. Much easier to open up on the Time first and have player (tank) splash AoE hitting the whelps.

I was indeed, but I think your suggestion is a lot better. Thanks a lot for that.

Yappo, thanks for the reply as well, I'm still not sure why you are taunt-swapping tho, as (unless I read this wrong) thought Halfus plain did not do the MS thingy when the Slate dragon is not part of the drake "menu du jour".

EDIT: and to follow up: we had an extremely smooth kill, and in the end went with: worstgeared tank (me) picks up Time, MT on halfus, Time gets burned down (DPS was probably the best geared grp), MD Nether to me, burn, release drakes. So never two drakes at the same time, and it worked quite smoothly (probably due to the speed with which drakes went down). We had some whelps still up in Ph2, but that didn't prove too much of a problem.
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