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Re: Chimaeron

Postby Belloc » Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:42 pm

econ21 wrote:I had my first experience at this last night - we only had time for a couple of attempts before the raid had to go to bed, but I was left confused on one point.

If you are the OT and taunt for the double attack, do you need to be at full health or just over 10k? From my reading, I thought the point was to have a full health OT taunting before double attack but my raid assured me I was wrong - I (the OT) only needed 10k+ health. I did not understand this - I thought the point of double attack was that the first hit could get you below 10k and then the second hit could come before you get healed. Can someone explain it very simply to me please?

[This is on 10 man normal.]

That aside, the fight seemed a little more frenetic than normal tank swap fights, but maybe I will get used to it.

You already received an answer, but I'll try to paint a picture that you can provide your raid with.

When you receive a double attack, you are receiving two attacks. If you are sitting just over 10k health, here's what will happen:

Starting Health: 10,001
Health After First Attack: 1
Health After Second Attack: Dead

If you are, however, at full health:

Starting Health: 130,000+
Health After First Attack: 10,000+
Health After Second Attack: 1

Basically, unless you are near full health before the double attack, you should expect to die. Your guildies are 100% incorrect in their understanding of the fight mechanics. Double Attack tanks must always be as close to full health as possible.
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