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Postby Fetzie » Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:04 am

Just to dredge this back up, because we're on Cho'gall now and starting to think about heroics: Would people say that the heroic kill order is similar, or are there some bosses that seem a bit easier than others in heroic form? On top of that, are there any heroic bosses which actually seem easier than normal endbosses?

Wondering if it's smarter to push, say, Halfus Heroic over Nef, for instance.

after an hour of wiping to halfus 10 heroic we made more progress on him than in a week's worth of attempts on nefarian.

Otherwise you should push for nefarian as chimaeron, maloriak and atramedes look to be fairly doable post-4.0.6 hotfixes, whereas valiona looks to be pretty rough.
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