[10man] 4 winds

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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Treck » Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:55 pm

Aramadin wrote:Surely you guys are talking about Divine Protection with he magic reduction glyph, right?

Depending a bit on your strat, this can be a big mistake.
Glyphing DP reduces GoAK to a 30% reduction.
True you can use it more ofthen, even if you can use it twice in a frostphase, that means the first one is going to be pretty much neglectable since it will have to be so early that the frostbreath doesnt do any damage anyway.
Also the glyph makes DP useless on the life platform.

Chicken wrote:The sockets on the items are fixed, but anything else is randomly generated. The epics can spawn with any of the new suffixes Cataclysm added as appropriate to the item

Its not really random, but they can be slightly different.
Every epic have 3 (maybe some have 4) fixed versions that they can be.
For example the tanking parts (belt/ring) Thunder wall belt and Permafrost signet, will ALWAYS have tankingstats.
Tankingthings always have 2 out of Parry/Mastery/Dodge, you cannot get a tankingitem with critt/hit for example.
Same goes for the other belts/rings.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Aramadin » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:14 am

Glyphing DP reduces GoAK to a 30% reduction.

How does this happen?

Killed Conclave yesterday with some of the tips posted in this thread. Managed to solo tank frost through out the entire fight. the 40% magic reduction was a life saver.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby Fetzie » Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:08 am

We do the following:

Warrior tank + healer + DK dps on nature guy
Shadow priest on wind guy
Prot pala, holy pala on frost guy (we bubble the buffet stacks off during the second ultimate - about 15 stacks in total at that point)

P1: nuke frost guy (without bloodlust). He drops to about 2200k life at which point he casts his ultimate. After the ultimate all dps and heals at frost guy except the holy pala and the tank (obviously) jump over to wind guy

P2: nuke wind guy, he is at about 30% when the next ultimate is coming. DPS DoT the frost guy in the second ultimate phase.

P3: nuke nature guy with bloodlust. Shadow priest remains on wind guy.

Frost guy is at about 150k by this point, his regeneration is triggered at 100k, so the dps run on to wind guy to finish him off about 25 seconds before the timer runs out.
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Re: [10man] 4 winds

Postby superworm » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:16 pm

Some tips I found useful for this boss:
1. Keep the -healing debuff on the life boss, it's very useful.
2. DK necrotic strike (healing absorption) can stack up endlessly. It's very useful to stick all your DKs on the life boss and use NS as much as possible. This way it almost doen't receive any healing. And frost DKs are one of the most powerful AoE dps in the current version. The dot from adds summoned by the life boss is not unhealable and competent DKs can easily get rid of that via AMS and good movement.
3. Assign at least a mage or a priest on the wind boss. This way when the wind boss uses its ultimate move, everyone on the platform can avoid the falling damage.
4. Any melee dps on the wind boss should pay attention to the wind blast ability. The priest's life grip can save those who are blown away.
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