The Zuls

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The Zuls

Postby Knievel » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:01 pm

ZA and ZG:

People expect their tanks to know what's going on when they step foot into a new instance, so I want to do some homework. Anybody know where strats for the Zuls will be posted prior to 4.1 release?

Random Comment: It would have been cool to have ZF Heroicized as well.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Flex » Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:03 am

Zul'Aman is the same as the 70 raid, though I think Hexlord has only two adds, so strats exist for that.

ZG has a walk through video up on WoW Insider.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Fetzie » Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:47 am

the endboss in ZA only uses two of the aspects instead of all four iirc
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Re: The Zuls

Postby anowyn » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:36 pm

This helped us for the first four bosses in ZA:
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Chicken » Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:19 pm

Pyrea wrote:the endboss in ZA only uses two of the aspects instead of all four iirc
Yep. Seems to be random; got Bear and Eagle yesterday, and Lynx and Dragonhawk today.

Short boss summaries for ZA:

Akil'zon (eagle)
Does an AoE debuff that increases nature damage taken, so stay somewhat spread normally. Will summon eagles; there's two types of those. There's one that will attempt to abduct one of your party members, nuke that one down quick, the party member being taken by the bird can also help kill it. The other type just randomly attacks people, and seem to be in a practically infinite supply. Finally he'll occasionally cast a storm, you'll need to hide under the cloud that spawns for this to avoid damage similar to the last boss in Grim Batol.

Nalorakk (bear)
Will shift periodically in between his troll and bear forms. In troll form, he mostly focus on directly damage physical attacks. He has one rather hard hitting instant attack that ignores armor he'll periodically do on the tank, and he'll also charge the target farthest away from him, the charge also inflicts a debuff that increases your physical damage taken by 500% for 20 seconds: Someone in full raid gear can survive being charged back to back when healed full, but someone in 5-man gear won't. You'll need to rotate through three charges before the debuff from his charge falls off. He'll do four charges before switching to bear form. In bear form he focuses more on bleeds. He has two fairly nasty bleeds he'll apply to the tank, additionally he'll also do an AoE silence from time to time.

Jan'alai (dragonhawk)
Has a random targetted fire breath, which also leaves a line of fire you shouldn't stand in in it's wake. Occasionally teleports to the center and will spread a bunch of fire bombs all over the platform, head for one of the gaps to avoid damage. Most notably he periodically summons some hatchers, who will proceed to hatch the dragonhawk eggs on the left and right sides of the arena; you'll want to kill one, and let the other complete his egg hatching cast 3-4 times before you blow him and all the adds he's spawned up. Let a hatcher on one side through first, then a hatcher on the other side. As for why you'll want to let them hatch, one Jan'alai goes below a certain amount of health (~30%?) he'll hatch all remaining eggs all at once, which will get painful if you haven't given the hatchers a chance to hatch some of them earlier. He'll also Frenzy when below ~20%(?), increasing his damage dealt on the tank, you'll want to have the adds cleaned up before that.

For raid geared groups you might want to leave both hatchers alive since otherwise you'll be twiddling your thumbs for a bit if you don't want a too big zerg of adds.

Halazzi (lynx)
Fight with multiple phases, phase shifts happen every 33%. In his starting phase he'll frenzy from time to time, cast earth and flame shock on random targets, and in general hit fairly hard on the tank. He'll also summon water totems from time to time, as a tank you'll want to move him away from those, and your healers and ranged DPS will want to stand next to them as they will recover the health and mana of anyone or anything near them.

After you've done your first 33% of damage, Halazzi will split into two targets: Himself and a lynx spirit. Halazzi himself will now spawn Lightning Totems instead of Water Totems, these do a fair amount of damage on random targets, but don't have all that much health. The lynx spirit is basically untankable, it spends most of its time fixated on random people in your group. To get through the phase, just keep nuking Halazzi, this phase ends when either Halazzi or the Lynx Spirit hits 10% health, and they both have the same amount of health and armor... But Halazzi still has all your debuffs from before so he'll go down a bit quicker due to not needing to swap to a different target.

In a final twist, once Halazzi gets below 33% health in his starting form (So after a second split phase) he'll also spawn lightning totems while in that form.

Hex Lord Malacrass
Starts with two randomly selected adds; adds can be of various types and can be CCed. Easy enough to keep them CCed permanently if your group composition allows for it, but kill the adds if your group composition can't do so (Or if you don't want to risk any of your group forgetting to re-CC). Hex Lord himself has a periodical burst on the entire group when he channels his spirit bolts. Additionally he'll copy some abilities from a random person in the group from time to time: Generally speaking these are 'iconic' abilities of that class, if he copies a warrior he'll do heroic leaps, if he copies a warlock he'll cast DoTs on everyone, if he copies a Druid he'll start stacking HoTs on himself, etc. Finally, he also periodically stacks a debuff that reduces everyone's damage dealt, and for each person he hits with that debuff, he'll gain a buff that increases his damage dealt, giving him a soft enrage timer of sorts.

A 3 phase fight. He'll always start in his humanoid forms, and shift to a different form at 80% and 40%. The forms he shifts to are inspired by the earlier bosses, and are randomly picked from any of the four (Though he'll never use the same form twice). His form changes are also complete aggro wipes, so keep that in mind when it comes to using your threat abilities.

Humanoid: Fairly simple. Does an occasional whirlwind your melee will want to run away from (Though it's not too bad if they don't), does a bleed on random members of the group that clears when they're healed to full health, and has an instant attack that is nearly overpowered!

Eagle: Does not require tanking. Will summon a couple of cyclones that people should avoid, the cyclones move to players every few seconds. Additionally any spells people cast will cause them to take ~12k nature damage. Finally, he'll summon lightning totems similar to Halazzi's ones, make sure those are killed quick.

Bear: Has Nalorakk's charge ability, which can be dealt with in a similar way. Additionally has a dispellable magic debuff that will paralyze and inflict a fair amount of damage on anyone it's not removed from: The healer should definitely make sure he removes it from himself and the tank, and it's helpful to remove it from the DPS as well.

Dragonhawk: Has Jan'alai's randomly targetted fire breath ability, including it leaving fire in its wake. Also will periodically spawn a fire cyclone on a random person which will hurt anyone standing them, and has an AoE fire attack that also increases your fire damage taken.

Lynx: Will immediately spawn two Amani Lynx adds when he transforms into this one, make sure to kill/cc these. Additionally will occasionally fixate on a random person, which will root them and cause him to attack them with a debuff that causes a stacking increase in your physical damage taken; after the target takes 3 or 4 stacks of this, the tank will want to taunt him to prevent the target getting killed. Will also occasionally repeatedly charge between random people in the group, inflicting some physical damage and leaving a bleed on them.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby golfinguy » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:50 pm

I just got pounded on trash pulls in ZA :cry:

I'm not a stellar tank, but am good enough. I've tanked almost all the Cata raid bosses at one time or another, and Heroic Halfus as well. All with no issue. Then this trash kicks my ass - I'm confused.

Hell the boss was an easy faceroll compared to the trash damage I was taking. I'm demoralized right now.

Minimal CC could have been an issue. I was new and was depending upon others to 'lead'.

Heals may have been as well. Seemed plenty geared, and like I said - boss was easy. But I was going down like a drunk prom queen when we pulled trash packs.

All this info on boss mechanics and I get my ass handed to me by trash. I'm gunna go cry in the corner now :cry:
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Kelaan » Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:47 pm

The trash in Zul'Aman isn't a joke, in most cases. Using multiple CC helps a LOT, as does popping short-cd defensive cooldowns on most pulls. You probably have an on-use defensive trinket like the Impetuous query, that's likely very handy at the starts of trash pulls. My healer was using 2/3 of their mana bar on MANY of the trash packs, sometimes more, even with having two CC in use (and used well). I came close to dying on almost every one of the Healer+Melee pairs, once the melee guy powered up.

It's not enough that you play well. Your groupmates need to also.

Bears crunch your armor (save a CD for this), firecallers do an AOE fireball (break their cc with an avenger's shield to silence them, then stun them as that's wearing off. You CAN interrupt one of their casts). Lynxes like to STUN you, and then the later hidden packs of ~6 lynxes at a time Hurt Hard (so you want to kill one first, then AOE the rest), so you'll want to use cooldowns too. You basically can use one CD a fight pretty easily, if you time it well, and still have one ready before most bosses.

Mainly, though, have CC players that are on the ball, and learn quickly which ones need to be CCed rather than killed first. :)
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Kelaan » Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:26 pm

I'm crossposting a reply I wrote in the Frustrations thread, so it will be more easy to find:

halabar wrote:and how do you keep Daakara from owning people in lynx?

- Luck
- Target uses a defensive cooldown. Iceblock, Dispersion, Barkskin, bubble, deterrence, etc.
- Taunt in the middle seems to help, but they don't seem stay on you long. It may be enough for an extra heal to land, or for you (or someone else) to get a cooldown up.
- AOE healing (Holy Radiance)
- Divine Guardian
- Hand of Protection

The latter two are hard for me to do - people tend to die within 2-3 GCDs. You might save Heroism for this phase, if you know you will get the lynx, as it will make the duration of that transformation shorter (so fewer fixates). You might be able to LoH them but I'm terrible at it. (Perhaps if I used Clique.)

Taunting mid-focus seemed to help, as did getting a hand of protection on them. You can't do it every time, and you might need to 4-man it once someone's dead (assuming it's not the healer). My healer was first hit every time on most of our attempts so that was a real challenge. He eventually would pop barkskin and go bear-form for the extra armor.

Before the first fixate, I hovered over my Divine Guardian and avoided using WoG, so that I could use it on the fixate victim. Second time, I prepared to HoP the person. Third time, I think I taunted and prayed?
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Knievel » Tue May 03, 2011 7:44 am

golfinguy wrote:I just got pounded on trash pulls in ZA :cry:

Make sure to stay out of the small circle of damage that Heirophant or his buddy keeps putting on the ground. I find myself tank-kiting in a small circle with those 2 guys. Of course I let the group know before pull that's what I'm up to.

I have problems a little with the Scouts, but with a 1-shotting dps who has his eyes on the ball, we can do that no problem.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby KysenMurrin » Tue May 03, 2011 10:32 am

The spell effect that drops those earthquakes on the ground is dispellable; they sometimes get a bit spammy recasting it, but when I'm on my Shaman I still try to keep it off just to make things easier.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Blackharon » Tue May 03, 2011 2:03 pm

KysenMurrin wrote:The spell effect that drops those earthquakes on the ground is dispellable; they sometimes get a bit spammy recasting it, but when I'm on my Shaman I still try to keep it off just to make things easier.

And spell stealable. A mage freaked me out because it seems to proc quite often.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Kelaan » Wed May 04, 2011 8:47 am

How do the Zul'Aman reward chests work, and the timers? Old documentation says that the old runs had a 20 minute sacrifice timer, with 15 minutes for bear and 10 minutes for eagle bosses added. My experience last night seems to say otherwise.

We killed eagle with some minutes to spare, and then when we got to the bear, we had ~3 minutes left. We killed him in time (got our reward), but the timer only had five minutes added. Was this a bug? Do the bosses no longer reward as much time? We wasted very little time (that I'm aware of) and didn't wipe, so I'm really struggling with how we can get other timers done too.

I'd love to know how the timers work currently, in addition to tips on how to actually do it. (Anything skippable? Do we need to forego CC?) I'm going to go trawl our old archives to see if we still have stuff on the TBC version of it.
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Kelaan » Wed May 04, 2011 10:56 am

So, I did some reading on the official boards, and actually found something informative! Here's what I posted on my guild forums as a result, as I thought I'd share, in hopes of it being helpful to you guys too.


You start with 15 minutes. Bear and eagle boss each give 5 minutes. Therefore, 25 minutes to kill four bosses.

Ouch. We got two timers down last night, and didn't have enough time left to get to the Dragonhawk boss. I did some research, and here's the best write-up I found. I bolded some of the things that I am going to be especially mindful of this next time around. We also need to figure out how to deal with the packs that have dual flamecasters -- I'm curious if taking the dragonhawk (right) fork of the trash is better than tangling with the double-flamecaster group. (Has anyone had good results on that?)

Finished with 4 minutes left. Although we were pretty geared, it is doable with less geared, and equally competent players. We chain-pulled every pull from one boss to another (Eagle > Bear > Dragonhawk > Lynx).


Eagle - 1 Minute Kill - 17 minutes remaining.

Early Lust/Hero, burn burn burn (have one or two designated to killing the kidnappers). Stack under the person picked for electric storm. Rinse and repeat.

Bear - 1-2 Minute Kill - 16-17 minutes remaining.

Have 1 person soak the charge twice in a row, then swap. Don't worry about the extra add until the boss is dead (scroll down, see trash strat.) Phase 2, dodge silences accordingly with Cooldowns if necessary.

Dragonhawk - 2 Minute Kill - 10-12 Minutes Remaining

Kill the hatchers, then burn the boss down to ~20%. Early Lust/Hero for added effect. Once the dragonhawks hatch, have your tank pop all CDs and burn the boss harder.

Lynx - 2-3 Minute Kill - 2-4 Minutes Remaining

Easiest of the 4, kite the boss out of the healing totems, have one person (ranged) designated to kill lightning totems. Ignore the Lynx add and stay on the boss.


Some notable trash pulls included:

On the way to Eagle Boss, when running up the 2nd hill, pull the 2mob pack, kill the caster, then pull the next, kill the caster, then pull the next and kill the caster. When finishing off the melee mobs, pull the Tempest that stands on the stairs leading up to Eagle and finish him.

On Bear Boss, the last trash pull can be tricky, however if you CC one target, finish 3, then pull the boss, the 4th add should be dead or be low (due to cleaving) by the time the boss is dead.

Trash to Dragonhawk can be tricky due to scouts, always look out for them. Flamecasters first, and make sure you're Dispelling, Purging or Spellstealing all the magic buffs the trash gets (Haste buff on Flamecasters, Earthquake buff on Juggernauts).

Lastly, heading to Lynx, hug the right wall and clear out the first set of Lynx's. Weave through the path without aggroing, and put some type of water-walking on as to avoid the patrol walking on the path (run on the lake bypassing this pull). This is a HUGE time-save. Go ahead and pull the first set of invisible Lynx mobs and chain-pull the rest.

With enough practice, and some gear, you can easily achieve this mount. Goodluck!

From this, it looks like I may to do several things differently. It looks like healer mana will be much more taxed than when we use more CC, in general. We want to use less AOE, even when we have big groups -- killing single things is almost always faster, and decreases the damage we/I take. Using heroism early on the Eagle boss means that it should be up for the Dragonhawk boss, and there's no particular phase that it's most useful on for the Eagle.

The strat on the Dragonhawk boss is especially interesting. Killing both hatchers, and letting the boss hatch all the eggs when he gets low enough, means that we don't have to spend time killing them off until he's dead (if they don't despawn), and I can chain defensive cooldowns for that whole time while they're up. I was losing threat a lot of times to them last night when my groupmates (mage, mage, spriest) were AOEing the adds, and this should help alleviate that.

Water walking to skip the troll+Crocodile patrol sounds very handy; it'll eat any flasks we had, but I'm contemplating using elixirs anyways -- extra mitigation seems more handy than more health. Deaths will make us fail the timer anyways, so the need for flaskage is much less IMO. We'll probably also want str/int/etc potions handy to use during the boss fights. (Ouch.) I'm tempted to wear more threat-ful gear, but I think the mitigation of a normal tanking set will be more useful, as it'll let us chain pull faster. (As will eating/drinking between pulls while our tree drinks.)
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Re: The Zuls

Postby Aerron » Wed May 04, 2011 11:22 am

Didn't see it mentioned here ... Akil'zon got nerfed. Don't have to spread as far to avoid Chain lightning, and it doesn't cast as often.
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