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Heroic Grim Batol : Erudax

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Heroic Grim Batol : Erudax

Postby Brauun » Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:26 am

Cleared it with my guild yesterday. We did it in a pretty unorthodox way I think, but it was still interesting and it might work for other groups who are struggling with managing the adds, so I though I'd share it here.

We had a lot of trouble downing/managing the adds at first and we were lacking on DPS (had only 1 person outputting 9k+, the others were below 7k). We had two mages and a rogue though, so we had a lot of options to slow them down. To cope with this lack of DPS, we had our priest healer go Shadow spec, while I, paladin tank, would keep myself alive. Yes, if you are careful with not taking unecessary damage on the fight, a paladin tank can heal himself through pretty much all of it.

I pulled with Seal of Truth, built a sufficient threat lead, then switched to Seal of Insight and started spamming Word of Glory on myself and a couple of snipe heals on low health party members. Divine Intervention used every cooldown as well as Eternal Glory to minimize damage and maximize healing. During Shadow Gale, I used Divine Light on untopped people. You have time to cast about 2 Divine Light during Shadow Gale depending on how quick you get to the patch on the ground. Then it was back on the boss, and with Seal of Insight activated, I'd pretty much get all my mana back in less than 15 sec.

From there on it's a simple question of making sure no adds are able to free whelps, that party members are evading Shadow Bindings as much as possible, and that the tank is evading boss damage as much as possible. When you get knocked back and get the debuff, kite him around a bit. What I'd do is I'd stand on one side of the area, my back faced towards the middle. I'd get knocked back to the middle and start running away to the other side, wait for the debuff to clear, then turn the boss around to have my back again face the middle.

I can't say it was a piece of cake, and I'm pretty sure this is not the optimal way to do it, but it is still possible, and quite possibly the only way this group could have pulled it off. Me and the shadow priest ended up both doing about 50/50% of the healing.
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Re: Heroic Grim Batol : Erudax

Postby PsiVen » Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:47 am

That's a pretty cool strategy. I've only done Erudax once since release and it was with a group that had quite a tough time (multiple wipes on every other boss due to failure at killing adds). I found that if I faced him the right direction when he did the Frail Body knockback, I was able to DPS one add for its entire duration. I imagine you could still do this while having a Disc priest smite spam for most of the healing.
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