Raid loot ratio?

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Re: Raid loot ratio?

Postby Neptuno » Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:23 am

i agree this was common with naxx, and thats the reason a heroic level would have generated more progression time. ICC made it probably 6-7 months before it got "old" enough with the masses, though only 1 guild has downed it on my server on heroic 25 (several 11/12). had tier 7 had a more difficult mode, people would have been more challenged for at least a little while longer. ulduar might have come "too soon" even for plenty of guilds had the hard modes existed for the tier. blizzard over-corrected the tier gap in xpacs because they felt mag/gruul were too big a leap for the t2 raiders to do for quite a while... hopefully the two layer setup for tier will work more smoothly, but i estimate that it will be like togc and top 4k guilds will be ready for t12 long before they come along.

also, sadly in the dungeon finder for the event bosses, sub 1k dpsers still exist at 80 :x
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