Some Cata Questions

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Some Cata Questions

Postby Jefferson » Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:17 am

So I was weighing in on the "What Trees Are Most Exciting?" thread that Ghostcrawler had started up (FWIW, I find the Protection Warrior and Bear Druid trees to be exceptionally smooth and interesting) and started evaluating how our tree compares to the other tanks. This lead me to a few questions. Bears seem to be keying their rotation off of lacerate > pulverize combos, Warriors are keying their abilities off of devastate spam, DKs have a tree based off of Death Strikes, and we run all of our stuff through Crusader Strike? What buttons are we going to be pressing as Tankadins?

Our tree seems to have some disparate impulses at the moment. I'd like to do a tier by tier breakdown of our tree, because that's what sort of provoked my confusion this morning.

None of the talents in the first two tiers has any affect on our gameplay. Most of them are straight buffs to specific abilities without hooking those abilities to anything else. The third tier has 2 completely boring and divergent ability buffing talents, plus our mandatory Sanctuary and HotR (which I guess is mandatory, even if we never use it in a raid?). Again there isn't any change to gameplay and no hooking any abilities to any others. The fourth tier has two abilities that sort of leave me boggled. We're keyed to the holy power system, but Avenger's shield is unrelated to that system. As an aside, is anyone else a bit sad that we're using SoR as our holy power bomb instead of Reckoning? It'd be a blast to drop 3 hopo on an active-use reckoning that say gave us 2 attacks per hopo. But I digress.

Tier 5 is some more mandatory talents that don't change anything, plus an encouragement to use holy power on word of glory, which is cool, except that according to the announced cata healing model we'll never see the overheal bubble from Guarded by the Light, making the talent a bit pricey for something we're rarely use. Tier 6 has a hook! Sacred Duty is telling us to cast Judgment within 10 seconds of casting So(wtf?)R. Except...doesn't Judgment have a 10ish second cooldown? Shouldn't we always be casting it within 10s of casting our SoR?

Our tree doesn't feel terribly intuitive to me, and it definitely doesn't feel interconnected the way the other tanking trees (except maybe DKs) feel. Druids, it seems, revolve around bleeds and big honkin melee attacks. Their tree has things that a) make things bleed b) use those bleeds to make their big honkin melee attacks hit harder and c) speed up the rate of their melee attacks so that they can get more rage to make things bleed more. Warriors are completely interconnected. Devastate triggers a bajillion things for single-target and Thunderclap hooks into both Shockwave and Rend. Paladins make sense to a point. Hit Crusader Strike (or hopefully HotR) ASAP and then unload with SotRs and the occasional AS, judge as much as possible. Everything else is sorta just noise. Consecrate? Holy Wrath? Exorcism? Wet Noodle Attack?

We have 3 systems going for resources: Holy Power is all new and shiny so our rotation revolves around it. Cooldowns are so WotLK, we can't have a GCD locked rotation based on them! Mana is so Burning Crusade, but if we have enough of it to spam AOEs that are completely unhooked from any other abilities doesn't that over complicate things? Even worse, if we have enough to pop off an AOE once in a while while single-target tanking then we have to watch our mana as well as watching Holy Power and keeping an eye on what abilities are coming off cooldown. That strikes me as both a lot to watch and unintuitive. I'm not in the beta though, are we going to need a CLCret type addon to keep track of our rotation, or does it just seem that way from the outside looking in?

Can we say with confidence what buttons we will be pushing, and in what general order, or is it too early to make assumptions? Is our single-target rotation really going to revolve around the signature ret ability, or does CS get sent to the back of the class once we pick up HotR? Is there any intuitiveness to what we'll be doing, or are the 4.5s between CS/HotRs going to be pretty much a FCFS? From the outside, it looks like we have two largely separate rotations going on; we have a ret style FCFS for AS, Judgment, cons, and HW, then we have a combo-point style system for CS/HotR and SoR/inq. Because the Holy Power abilities seem like they hit so much harder than the rest, it looks like their rotation will supersede pretty much any other abilities.

TL;DR: Is there something cohesive about our tree that I'm missing, or does it actually feel like a spattering of disparate abilities thrown onto a tree to give players 51 points to spend?
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Re: Some Cata Questions

Postby Sabindeus » Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:14 pm

There have been at least 3 threads, most notably the one labelled "Tanking Rotation in Cataclysm", about this topic.
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