[10] Normal LK raid composition

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Re: [10] Normal LK raid composition

Postby Raivnor » Tue May 04, 2010 1:37 pm

You have the same healing comp my team has, so don't feel beholden to getting a disc priest just for normal LK10. It looks to me like you need to find 2 ranged and 2 melee. I would highly recommend a DK as one of your melee since chains of ice can help a lot on valkyr, you should pick either unholy or frost. Unholy will buff your casters, but you can achieve the same effect with a warlock and curse of elements. Frost would be a little more ideal since they buff melee and tanks with icy talons and have a strong single target and aoe capability with howling blast which might help you on spirits in ph3. Spriests and Boomkins are really nice for the extra %hit, and of those two I would recommend an Spriest b/c they provide a lot of extra healing/mana which will serve you well. A feral Druid is the best way to get GotW since their Leader of the Pack is also an extremely good buff. Any strong caster is a good choice for that last spot, but a mage is a strong choice for the Arcane Brilliance and free food. Not to mention if they're arcane they can buff the crit rate of either a healer or dps depending on your need.

More than anything, though, make sure you bring people who know how to move and listen to instructions. Particularly in Phases 2 and 3 there is little margin for error. If you bring the one person who never moves when the Defile is incoming and always puts it in the center of the platform you will likely not succeed no matter what he adds to group synergy.
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