[10H] Blood Princes

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[10H] Blood Princes

Postby rocket » Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:44 pm

Our team is having an unusually hard time on this fight. Frankly, most of it is coming down to the Empowered Fire Orb that just doesnt bleed down enough and is killing shaman. Another issue is having unseen kinetics give us a wakeup call (we had one last night that apparently was in-line or possibly even behind the door).

The empowered shock remains a simple spread out mechanic, which we are not failing at.

The length of the encounter seems like very long and is enabling RNG to take control

The team we use is:
Feral tank (he tanks both melee bosses)
DK (tanking Keleseth) - my old assignment, but the holy pally role seems to be OP

Holy Pally - me. Beacon on DK, healing druid and splashing melee
2 resto shaman

Fury warrior, Combat Rogue in melee
Hunter, Warlock, Spriest as ranged

we have the fight ideally tanked in the circular feature beneath the stairs. i am (as the holy pally) in the middle with the 2 resto on either flank. For kinetic orb control, we have the hunter and warlock on the left and right respectively, and the Spriest on top of the stairs.

i feel like the ranged are not doing enough dps on the active boss due to the focus on kinetics that seem to be required. kinetic have rarely killed us except when things start going haywire.

Healing seems typically fine, except the seemingly unhealable flame orb - especially when it is on one of the shaman, and they are less than max range. I have been saving my bubble for the empowered flame orb, and have been lucky to not get it twice in a row. Spriest dispersions keep her alive.

with all of the other random shit going around, we are repositioning ourselves during the course of the fight - mostly with the unempowered shock vortex spawning on us.

i do try to DG the orbs when it isnt on me, but the 2 min CD doesnt prevent back to back orbs. Melee arent generally overloading themselves with the movement dot. the ranged though seem to be near-panic on vent visually searching for the kinetic orbs

any ideas?
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Re: [10H] Blood Princes

Postby Meloree » Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:58 pm

Sure. Here's how we've handled Empowered Fireball:
If you're tanking Keleseth, go stand somewhere close to melee, and chase the fireball for a while when it launches. Then go pick up more dark orbs and position beside melee for the next one... chase it some more.

If you were to use a ranged to tank Keleseth, and separate the mobs, whoever's tanking Valanar can do the same routine... chase fireballs. It generally gets more than enough ticks off them that the target will survive, especially if they actually bother to move.
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Re: [10H] Blood Princes

Postby Belloc » Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:46 pm

Empowered Fire can be dealt with rather simply by just running away until it fully shrinks. It really doesn't take that long, and you shouldn't get too much damage from shadow prison. Just run and watch the size.
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Re: [10H] Blood Princes

Postby Raivnor » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:04 am

You could also use Fire Aura + Aura Mastery for a 2nd cooldown
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