Sindrigosa 10 HM AMG annoying

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Sindrigosa 10 HM AMG annoying

Postby Akairoslol » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:43 am


I cannot find a topic about 10m HM sindy, my guild is having problems with this particular dargon and for the life of us cannot do it. We have tried 2 healers, but people die, 3 healers and people die, and 4 healers and not enough DPS. Now our players are not sub-par and we have some of our best healers in this group. (Priest, Resto Shamx2 and a druid that is interchangeable with a shaman). Our main problem is Phase 3, as to be expected, and our best attempt is about 10%ish.

As it stands our block stratagy is to go tail-tail-tail-tail, as each time a tank taunts he flips the dragon around, but we still can't kill this bitch. q_q

Our raid comp (normally) is: Mutilate rogue, resto shaman, resto shaman, pally tank, DK tank, Arcane mage, Holy priest, feral druid, and warrior.

We have had problems with unchained magic (1 healer blocked, 1 healer unchained) but that's not an overly big issue as that is just lolRNG.
If anyone has any suggestions that'd be super. <3
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Re: Sindrigosa 10 HM AMG annoying

Postby Belloc » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:08 am

Practice, practice, and more practice.

Your warrior and rogues are probably dying the most, right? Make your warrior get a piece of frost resist gear. Do the same with your rogue and tell him to use Feint on cooldown to reduce the damage he takes. You have no idea how big of a difference it will make to your healers.

Also, feel free to get your healers a piece, too.
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Re: Sindrigosa 10 HM AMG annoying

Postby cds4850 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:13 am

Do you have any specific idea as to where exactly the wheels are falling off in phase 3? Are you and your co-tank taking too high mystic buffet stacks? DW melee taking too much damage? Healers having trouble dropping stacks?

I don't imagine it's an ice block chaining problem, as that would be equally easy to spot as it would be to correct.
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Re: Sindrigosa 10 HM AMG annoying

Postby Meyrinn » Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:57 pm

Once we got the fight down our biggest issue was not enough DPS. The problem was that we were losing too much DPS on the blocks. We adjusted by having just the rogue and the tank dropping mystic buffet taking down the ice blocks. Once a new ice block came down, the rogue and the non tanking tank would dps it down. The DPS and the healers would stand next to the ice block and continue their job, with unchained targets moving behind the raid or just sitting there not exploding. The DPS and healers would watch the next mystic buffet magic timer and jump behind the ice block with 2 seconds left, wait for the mystic buffet to go off then step back out, with melee dropping their chilled debuffs. The tank would go in and taunt just as the next ice block was about to land, never earlier or later. The rhythm of the block just coming down as the previous tank is moving out sets the timing for the dps. They know to start moving to the other side as the boss flips around.

The big gain was that the DPS and healers were wasting too much time dropping stacks before. You don't need to wait for your debuff to fall off. You just need to be behind the block when the buffet goes off. Mystic buffet is cast every 6 seconds, but the debuff lasts 8 seconds. If you los a buffet cast, your debuff will fall even if you aren't los 2 seconds later.

Also your raid comp is going to make this a bit harder for you. I'd say bring in the resto druid because hots help a lot on this fight.

With the zone buff at 10% DPS wasn't an issue this week, but in previous weeks we used bloodlust at the start of the fight. If you have a air phase transition with her at about 39 to 41% then using bloodlust at the start should save you one air phase and give you a whole extra minute to kill her in P3.

Your tanks should save cooldowns for when you have a healer blocked, as you will almost always have a healer unchained at the same time. Make sure they know when that happens.
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