[25] Festergut

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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Steve » Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:32 pm

Kihra wrote:Basically it seems like it's about 20 seconds or so that you have to survive? You just need one external cooldown plus one of your own cooldowns and you'll be fine.

It's roughly 30 seconds between the third inhaled blight being applied and the start of the pungent blight cast. You need to survive roughly 30 seconds worth of melee.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Meloree » Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:36 pm

Since everyone seems to be having a harder time with the incoming damage than I remember, especially since we happily healed a kitten in bear form through it, I figured I'd post our healing setup.

For clarity, I was in threat-heavy EH gear, hitcapped, 40 expertise, 57k raidbuffed hp. Naiad was at 47k hp raidbuffed, and he probably had a fair bit of dodge.

We had one FoL-built holy paladin. He spent 0, 1, and 2 inhales happily FoL spamming, and generally switched to HL-spam during 3-inhales.

We had one resto-druid, who did what resto-druids do: hot everyone, but full hot stacks on tanks at 3 inhales.

We had 2 holy priests (I lied earlier, I thought one was disc), pretty much did the same thing as the druids... bounced heals around the raid until they needed to be channeling into the MT.

We had one resto shaman who kept ancestral fortitude up on tanks, and chain-healed the melee/healer-clump.

WoL Parse for the kill shows that Naiad was getting knocked around a bit worse than my memory shows, he took some for-real spikes, even at relatively low inhales.

Now, the kitten in bear-form is a little bit of a stunt, I'll admit. We were a bit worried that the enrage would actually turn out to be an issue, especially with relatively conservative "new to the mechanics" play. I'm expecting that when we take our alt-run through tonight, with primarily 245 geared tanks, we're going to find out that this encounter is for-real with normal-mode gear.

EDIT: If you're concerned about survivability, max effective health is the way to go for this fight, IMO.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Roots » Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:47 pm

3 shot this yesterday with no one seeing it before hand.

Me(bear) and pally tanking, I got to tank first and third (after which he died)
For those concerned about tank damage, he basically swings ~30k (~40k armor raid buffed) on a 1-1.5 second timer (was just looking at combat text), which means if you're low on hp you're healers won't have much room for error, especially during a spore. I didn't use any cds at all the first/second attempt, we wiped to enrage first because we had like 5 range die from not getting innoculated, second because my holy pally died and he meleed me down in about 2 seconds. Third go before third exhale I just rotated jugganaut/barkskin/glyphed regen/SI and then the dude fell over.

Very excited to try this with a hyrbid spec and gear next week (Probably won't go full cat spec/gear)
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Java » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:34 pm

thanks a lot, we have just killed it. The trick was using cd's
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Aubade » Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:13 pm

exhume wrote:Ill be tanking the bosses Fester, Rot both 25 and 10 am I right by going max Health from gear?
They hit pretty dam hard and Ive survived it all (although some spots I barely made it) was wondering if I would be OK dropping healths to get lots more pure avoidance? Or is max effective health the key?

referring to trinkets, gems, chants of course.

For Festergut you're gonna want to be wearing EH trinkets. Personally I used glyph of Indom and Satrina's impending scarab. I can't speak for rotface since even though I tanked him I didn't notice how much damage he was dealing
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Kihra » Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:19 pm

Steve wrote:
Kihra wrote:Basically it seems like it's about 20 seconds or so that you have to survive? You just need one external cooldown plus one of your own cooldowns and you'll be fine.

It's roughly 30 seconds between the third inhaled blight being applied and the start of the pungent blight cast. You need to survive roughly 30 seconds worth of melee.

[21:34:49.908] Festergut gains Inhaled Blight (3) from Festergut
[21:35:20.841] Festergut begins to cast Pungent Blight

Yeah you're right! It didn't seem that long to me. Glad my trinkets covered for the period I didn't have any cooldowns running. :)
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Thornir » Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:38 pm

Sooo...if someone, say, me, didn't have Satrina's scarab and a pocket priest healer for GS or PS, no other Pallies with DG, and a very Tree/Shammy heavy healing group with about 50k health buffed, would you say that this someone would be able to take 3 inhales? Or are there other CDs I'm forgetting that would help this raid group get through it?
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby dewkstraykr » Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:27 pm

This is the sort of fight where I can see our 4 piece T10 bonus being useful to help cover ourselves further during the time between the third inhale and the exhale.

Inhale #3, pop trinkets + divine plea, 9 seconds in pop Divine Protection, 20 seconds in have the priest PS/GS you to cover the last little bit.

That extra 12% dodge could be a lifesaver in situations like that, pushing block almost to the end of the combat table and having pure avoidance to hopefully improve RNG in your favour enough to avoid most hits.

As much as I hate to say it as well, and I have personally never glyphed for it or used it - but the Hand of Salv glyph could also prove invaluable as a cooldown to pop with the trinkets/divine plea period of the 3rd inhale - exhale. Tank tps should be sufficiently high enough with tank swapping and the tps/dps we do at 9 stacks to not be an issue with the threat lost with full duration salv either.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Meloree » Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:01 pm

Did it on alts tonight - it was a lot harder with 245 geared tanks, healers, and dps. The DPS check actually turned out to be relatively tight for us, we only beat it by 15 seconds or so. It took us a couple of pulls to keep the tanks alive.

The fun part was actually having a chance to learn the fight, rather than overpower it. A couple of tips we used to improve DPS, and make things a little bit cleaner:

1) Ranged set up as 2 separate boxes. We only left 8 people out (this is evidently sufficient to never target melee with vile gas), with 4 people on the right, and 4 people on the left. They formed a square, 10 yards to the side, about 15 yards away from melee. It minimized movement for gas spores by a lot, and increased our ranged dps, over the prior "everyone ends up in a rough line" positioning. Shorter runs for spores = win.

2) Heroism 2:15 in. This made sure cooldowns were back up, and took advantage of the buffed-tank dps. My bear (in full bear gear, it wasn't a mains run) was still pulling 14k dps during the heroism with 9 stacks. Every little bit helps.

3) We had someone add "gas spore" to grid, and call out all the movements necessary. Generally as simple as "Person X, go left camp", because we regularily got 2 spores in melee range. He prioritized mobile healers to move out, as it wouldn't cost DPS.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby lakhesis » Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:36 am

Oki, I'm in a relatively casual normal 25's / hardmode 10's style guild. Log of our eventually successful 2nd day of attempts is at http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-04r5tw2j99wvr5q4/

Comments from my perspective:
- We found bloodlusting at roughly 20% or 45 seconds left worked well for us. Lets people use their 2nd set of 2-3 minute CDs with bloodlust while in execute range.

- We used two tanks (me on paladin plus warrior). Trade at 9 tank-stacks. With pally opening warrior gets him at about the same time as boss has 3-stacks & shieldwalls->trinkets->etc through. I swapped weapon+libram, salv'd myself, turned off RF, strafed behind the boss & DPS'd. Swapped back to tank setup/position when warrior was at 8 stacks, taunt was at 9 and was about the same time as boss hits his 2-stacks for the second time. Warrior swapped to DPSing & paladin tanked until the end (you hit your second lot of 9 stacks about 10 seconds before the enrage & don't quite have time to hit 10 stacks prior to enrage). This also meant that I could take full advantage of pre-potting an indestructibility potion & then drinking a second for my second round of tanking.. constant 70%+ armour mitigation is win.

- We did it with 6 healers, but had major issues with the enrage. 5 of our 8 attempts hit the enrage timer and on most of those there were no dps deaths until the end of the fight. Given that we also did it with 5 mutilate rogues & they're getting nerfed, we're definitely going to have to learn it with only 5 healers next week.. if you're learning it now & you're in our position, I suggest you just stick to 5 healers from the start. Bliz is right that top guilds don't necessarily need to class stack... but those of us who're just scraping by do.

- From our experiences the day before, tank deaths were the major issue with 5 healers (2 tank / 3 raid). The raid healers would see an avoidance-streak from the tank & take the opportunity to top other people off, despite fester being on 3 stacks, and the tank would end up dead when the avoidance streak ended with a thump. This is just poor healer discipline really, but amongst more casual players you've sorta gotta expect it & warn against it beforehand.

- Getting as many people into melee range as possible is a really good idea - there's always a spore being brought to the tanks, so the more people benefiting from it the better. We left 10 at range, from what meloree said about having only 8 at range we'll probably try and cut that even finer next week. You're stuffed if one person dies anyway. On the successful kill we had several mages stacked on the tanks throughout the fight.

- The shadowpriest only bothered picking up 1 or 2 spores rather than the full 3, and then he'd just dispersion through the explosion (at least i'm fairly sure that's what he was doing ;) ). I'd have assumed the mages could do this at least once with iceblock too, but then again I wouldn't necessarily trust our mages to skill through something like that reliably. Maybe next week I'll make them try & let the warlocks/ele-sham stand on the tanks.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Enkal » Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:55 am

Killed him last night a few seconds after enrage, 4-5 ppl left standing hehe. Lots of lag that night and 1-3 DPS disconnecting almost every try. :(

I think I did 5.9k dps, we had a feral tank go kitty while I tanked and I clicked off RF while he tanked.

In general I think we had too many ppl outside melee range but the lag spikes was probably the main reason why we struggled. I was still fun to struggle a little with a boss, even tho it was because the instance servers were overloaded. :roll:
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Kriskringle » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:09 am

I assume parry haste is turned off for this boss, can someone confirm/deny?
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Solanthanius » Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:08 am

This is a great fight to use glyph of salvation.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Doxa » Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:23 am

Thanks Meloree. That's really helpful.
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Re: [25] Festergut

Postby Steve » Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:34 am

Kriskringle wrote:I assume parry haste is turned off for this boss, can someone confirm/deny?

Looking over my logs, it looks like it's turned off. You can use the following expression in a world of logs expression editor to confirm for yourself.

(fulltype=SWING_MISSED ) or ((fulltype=SWING_MISSED or fulltype=SWING_DAMAGE) and sourcename="Festergut")

Not sure how to get it to just show parries instead of all misses, but that should be narrowed down enough for you to confirm for yourself.
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