[10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

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[10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Anorian » Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:03 am

[10]Full House

We did this achievement last night, being fairly tricky i'll write down what we did to get it.

Being a melee heavy group we put all of the melee on the boss, the 2 tanks picked up the waves as they spawned. Don't kill any mobs but let them transform while keeping your aggro as low as possible without losing it to the healers. When any add gets empowered dps has to kill it asap. you have to wait untill have a reanimated adherent, reanimated fanatic and a deformed fanatic. assign a ranged class to tank the deformed fanatic and kite it around the tank will probably die if you don't, this is also why you keep thread as low as possible.

As soon as we got all 3 transformed adds we waited untill the next wave spawned, 1 tank ran to the boss which dps pushed in p2, the other tank picks up all the adds. we had our warrior take the boss first, as soon as he got 5 stacks he aoe taunted all mobs off of me and i took over the boss. Before i had high stacks the dps had killed the boss.

The dmg in p2 is quite high with 5 adds + boss + death and decay, we used 3 healers + a combat res on the kill.

Hope this helps anyone else trying to get the meta stuff done.
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby fafhrd » Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:59 am

You can also have one of your tanks kiting the deformed add along with most of the other adds - we had one attempt where our spankadin kited it for most of p1 while picking up and tanking everything else - apparently kiting in an oval around the pillars help by los-ing the caster adds too. Also on our kill while I kited the add as ranged DPS most of the fight, around 20% the spankadin taunted it off me and started kiting it so I could stand still and help DPS the boss down.

Just getting all the right adds to spawn without any of the ones you need getting accidentally killed or transformed right when she transitions seemed the hardest part :/

Also if you're having ranged DPS kite the deformed add, please avoid building massive amounts of AoE threat on them as they spawn, I had to basically kill one just trying to generate enough threat to pull it off our tank one attempt, even with a 100% threat modifier.
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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Serv » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:43 am

We did Full House yesterday and since I got a lot of spare time due to being sick, I decided to give you a quick overview of our strat:

Besides 2 tanks, we were playing with 3 healer (2x priest 1x druid), 2 melee DPS (rogue/dk) and 3 ranged-dps.

We didn't assign vertain players to burn down the shields. As we called out a target everyone swapped as far as possible.

We got the mana barrier from Deathwhisper and the adds on the same priority at the beginning. We decided to burn down the shield to around 5% as fast as possible, to get the transition into p2 as smooth as possible as soon as all 5 cultist types where on the field.

Your strat depends heavily on your raid-setup. We got a heavy undead-cc comp. through me as a pally and the 2 priests.

When the first wave spawns, we burn down 2 adds and wait for a third to morph. Once he raises up again, we burn down his shield and shackle him. Which add is allowed to morph on the second/ third spawn depends on which type the first one was. We got lucky and our first was a caster and in the second wave we got beserker and a melee cultist.

Once the normal melee skeleton is shackled, one tank has to cencentrate on kiting the beserker. He needs only 2 shots to kill you. If you got this 3 mobs, wait for the next wave and burn down the shield of Deathwhisper ASAP. You should now have one cultist too much on the field. Either a melee or caster. Kill him.

Getting to this point of the fight, is the heaviest part. Once you managed to handle these 5 adds you are pretty much done. One tank aggroes the Lady while the other, handles as much of these 5 adds as possible. It doesn't really matter how much you have, as long as the berserker is still following you. When the tank reaches the fourth or fifth debuff stack, taunt the lady and get the other tank, to taunt you the berserker off before aggroing the other adds. In the best case 2 skeletons are shackled anyway, so you don't need to bother too much. Burn her down quickly, grab the loot and grats - one step closer to the drake.

/edit: i forgot to mention an important point. while trying to get all 5 types of cultists, you will def. end up with one or 2 cultists too much morphing. Your DPS needs to be aware of this and burn down their shields. Tank aggroes, hits it 2 or 3 times and dps burns it down. Don't try to get all 3 mobs of a wave tranformed. It will kill you in the end, because you lack dps to get 3 shields down and you lack of tanks who can keep aggro of 3 shielded mobs.
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Neara » Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:59 am

Did it last night. Maybe not in the most elegant way, but we got it done after 3 tries.

We put our Bear on Deathwhisper from the beginning and the Rogue trick-traded him everytime it was up. By phase 2 his threat-lead was insane so everyone could nuke without a worry in the world.

I tanked everything else except the deformed, our hunter took that one for a walk around the room.

First wave we got our deformed and the caster skell. Had to kill the last fanatic because he wouldn't transform. 2nd wave we got nothing except 2 other caster we didn't need for now. We killed the caster, kept the fanatic in hope he would transform. 3rd Wave killed the 2 caster. One of the fanatics finally transformed as the 4th wave spawned. We put her into phase 2 and than we thought a second about killing all the unneeded cultist and said fuck it, heroism! burn her down! ... Our healers are great, wouldn't have been possible if they weren't as godly as they are ^^ Dmg of 3 Fanatics, 1 Melee skell 1 Caster skell and 2 normal casters is heavy (and our hunter was bored because his kiting job was so damn easy)
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Avengeance » Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:26 am

AFAIK p2 starts = aggro wipe, so you cant pre-build threat on boss in p1?
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Belloc » Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:40 pm

Avengeance wrote:AFAIK p2 starts = aggro wipe, so you cant pre-build threat on boss in p1?

This is correct.
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Arjuna » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:20 am

can you bubble away the threat debuff?
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Anorian » Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:20 am

I've had times where threat would stay, but i presume this is a bug. I'm not sure about bubbling the debuff off, although if you want it to solo tank I think you're gonna have to swap more since the debuff is applied quite fast.
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Re: [10] Full House (Lady Deathwhisper)

Postby Repartee » Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:59 am

Arjuna wrote:can you bubble away the threat debuff?

Yes you can. I've single tanked her in 10 man every week using Divine Shield then cancelaura macro when stacks reach 5. Yet to try Full House achievement, but fairly certain 2 tanks will be needed as every above post indicates.
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