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Re: [25]Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Draslin » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:37 am

Here is House Darkforge's strat for Deathwhisper 25:

We run three tanks 5 heals and 17 dps. This strat takes more time to set up, but overall works best I've found by giving people better focus.

You basically need to assign DPS to each "door" that the adds come from, rather than just assigning per side. Your tanks need to be ready to fight with dps for threat on all three mobs - pallies obviously work best for this role.

Looking at Deathwhisper's Room with LDW ahead, you have 7 doors. 1-2-3 on the right, 4-5-6 on the left and 7 behind. I'm only using 7 for that because it's weird, which i'll explain in a sec.

4 1
5 2
6 3

Here's how i set this up:

Door 1 (caster mob right side closest to DW): Top physical and Bottom physical dps
Door 2 (melee mob right side middle): Middler magic damage x2
Door 3 (caster mob right side furthest): #2 and second from bottom physical dps
Door 4 (melee mob left side closest): Top Magic and bottom Magic damage
Door 5 (caster mob left side middle): middler physical damage x2
Door 6 (melee mob left side furthest): middler magic damage x2

At this point, you should have 5 middle dps left over. Spread them out based on whether they're magic or physical damage to the other groups. At the end you'll have 17 dps each assigned to a door. For whichever side you are "short" a dps (the side with 8 DPS) assign your highest dps tank. If you have DK's in your raid, try to assign them to the caster mobs on the right side for death grip - it makes it MUCH easier on your tanks. Also, when assigning "extra" coverage, make sure you prioritize doors #1 and #4 - I'll explain why below.

The assignment is simple. All your DPS needs to do is burn down "their" add, then run up and get on the boss. This way, you have an increasing wave of DPS coming onto the boss as the adds go down. By balancing top and bottom dps together, you have a pretty good average speed of add death, and by putting both your highest melee and caster dps on the closest doors, you give them the shortest run to get into range and opening fire. The only deviation from this is if a mutated add spawns, at which point your tanks should be calling for ranged to burn it down and kiting it around them.

If you roll with a priest in your raid group, make sure they're ready to drop mass dispels, as those break the reflective bubbles on the caster adds for long enough to stun them.

Communication is what makes or breaks this fight.

So what about Door #7? Your third tank will need to be assigned to Door #7. You will need a tank with a microphone to call out whether it's caster or melee. If the add on the stairs is a caster, drag it to door #1 (you can LOS it by standing inside door #1's cubby) - MAKE SURE you hold threat, as heals will pull it off sometimes, and MAKE SURE you announce it so Door #1's group knows they have an extra add to pick up and kill.

If the Add is Melee, drag to door #4 so that ranged can pick it up. Once your add is picked up, go ahead and help kill it and any other adds that are still up when the door add dies.

Make sure you have someone calling when the new adds are coming out. Tell your DPS to return to their spots when there's ~5 seconds left on the new timer. You will see the boss' shield go down exceedingly fast (under 3 minutes) as long as you're bringing enough DPS to get the job done.

To deal with reanimated, this is another job for Door #1 and Door #4 - this is why I assign my highest/best DPS to this role. The tanks need to call which side and which type the reanimated is, and either team 1 or team 4 will break off and burn it down.

We find that using this strat, we're able to save bloodlust for phase 2, which results in fewer "Need more interrupts!" moments of tank death. This fight is alot like Thorim - if you can get her to phase 2, it's pretty hard to not win.

Good luck - if your zerg strat isn't working, give this one a try. If you have any questions you can always find me on Garrosh/Draslin (Horde).
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