[10] Lady Deathwhisper

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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Robbert » Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:08 pm

From what I can tell this fight does not really favor physical damage classes over magic damage, although some of both is needed. The key is to identify which type of damage is lacking in your raid and burn the appropriate adds down before they can cast dark martyrdom. I've yet to see an add wave spawn where all three adds were of the same type, so you should always be getting 2 of one type and 1 of the other. Once your dps assigned to the adds understand which types they can and can't effectively dps down they should move over to dps on the boss once all the add types they can dps are downed, and know to stick around when their type got a dark martrydom cast off. Once this started clicking for us we generally had 15+ seconds of full on dps time on the boss between each add wave, with our best wave giving us a solid 25 seconds full on dps time on the boss.

We've also started having the mixed damage type classes stick to the boss full time (enh shammy, ret pally, frost DK)...while they can each damage either type of mob with the immunity buff up, they do subpar dps to both types. Better to have them focus on the boss where they don't have to worry about their dps being reduced.
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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Rasmfrackn » Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:27 pm

Hi guys, I hope the piggyback is welcome here. I've seen strat discussion here and at Tankspot, but I was hoping to clarify the actual mechanics of the adds. Clearly the writeups aren't exactly accurate, so can I spell out what I've seen and have my mistakes fixed?

  • Adherent reflection shields happen any time, not just after they're empowered.
  • When an add's name changes (deformed, empowered, or reanimated), they get healed to full
  • Fanatics get Transformed, Adherents get Empowered
  • Transformations and Empowerments can happen any time randomly, to one add at a time, but they only Martyr themselves at low health.
  • Reanimation only happens from Martyred adds.
Starting from those assumptions, it seems like it's important (at least in the 10 man) to focus one at a time and especially important to burst as quickly as possible. The adherents' gimmick of the reflect shield is a lot more of a problem than the fanatics' gimmick of life leech, so getting rid of adherents seems key.

Leaving non-focused adds to get transformed/empowered hardly seems bad at all, since the fanatic tank can just start kiting, and if people are spread the adherent splash damage doesn't add much of an issue.

If you can indeed burst through the Martyr cast because you know it happens at low health, then that minimized the number of Reanimated adds, which are the adds that really exclude one type of dps or the other. Also here, melee is almost fully effective against everything except if a fanatic gets reanimated. Assuming they're careful about deathcoils on adherents and aren't dumb about threat on deformed fanatics, anyway.

So, my thought is to have everyone focus one adherent, with the casters getting 1 or 2 things off before the first shield goes up, then either waiting for it to come down or tossing a little damage on a fanatic or the boss. Wasting damage on an add who's going to get transformed or otherwise healed (life leech) seems like a bigger loss than just watching for the shield to go down to prevent any martyrdoms.

What do I have wrong?
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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Chicken » Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:06 pm

Martyrdom does not seem health dependant. My guild always tanks adds on both difficulties on top of the boss, and we frequently have one of the mobs cast Martyrdom while still on the way to the boss, when it's at 90% or more health.

The leech buff on the Fanatics can be dispelled, and the shield the Adherents cast has an infinite duration: It can only be removed by dealing 50k damage to it. I'm not sure if the shield stays up if the add blows itself up with Martyrdom or if it gets Empowered.
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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby lochagos » Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:16 am

Chicken wrote:Martyrdom does not seem health dependant. My guild always tanks adds on both difficulties on top of the boss, and we frequently have one of the mobs cast Martyrdom while still on the way to the boss, when it's at 90% or more health.

We learned to tank them where they arrive, generally trying to pull them together. All six DPSers on all the adds and with some practice we're getting 20+ seconds per wave to DPS on the boss. Someone mentioned this in the 25 man thread - it has to be much easier to put into practice in 10 man though. It really did the trick for us learning to manage the adds.

There are two things I've noticed about them and I'm not certain it is true:

1. Stunned adds of either sort do not get transformed.
2. The non-empowered adherent's shield can be mass dispelled, but the empowered guys' shields are either immune or simply recast immediately.

In either case stunned adds do not put up shields so we try to keep them that way. Has anyone else noticed this too?
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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Cheroz » Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:14 pm

Looking for a little clarification on the adherents. I have read either here or on tankspot that mages can spell steal their shields when they are not enpowered. I told our guys that two runs ago...and not a single mage has had success in doing it. Are they just blowing smoke or was that a ptr ability? We clear it every week without issue, just trying to make the kills cleaner to sharpen fights for hardmodes.
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Re: [10] Lady Deathwhisper

Postby Ghort » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:04 pm

One thing I noticed, messing around on my warrior on this fight as Arms, is as long as the shield isn't up or the mob isn't reanimated, it really doesn't matter what the melee dps is hitting. The raid I noticed this in was SUPER physical dps heavy, with only 1 mage with us for magic damage, and we raped the adds no problem. Without the shield on them, the melee were mauling the ranged targets as well as the melee targets. The only things we obviously couldn't help with were the deformed guys that I can't recall the name of atm. Anyone else notice that? Also, unlike previously mentioned, there's an aggro dump per omen when mana shield comes down. Easiest way around that is to not have dps that cant stop their pew pew when it happens for the tank to pick it up, though typically I'm already up there and it isn't a problem.
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