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Postby Levantine » Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:30 pm

Snake-Aes wrote:
Sabindeus wrote:
Snake-Aes wrote:
Worldie wrote:
Ithus wrote: shadowpriest do 297 .

This is SO wrong that leads to 2 possibilities:
1) Your Threat meter / DPS meter sucks, and you are just seeing wrong numbers
2) Your alliance DPS sucked HARD and i mean HARD

As in, spriest has over nine thousand mace skill hard.

I... can't imagine he actually meant the shadow priest was doing 297 TPS... or even DPS for that matter. Right?


That possibility offends my inner shadow priest.
It offends my inner shadow priest too, and I don't even have one over level 2.
Or 1...

Rinforza did more than that at level 60. QQ
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Postby Thark » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:04 am

I'm also a recent reroll, who's struggled with TPS a bit. I've spent a lot of time on these boards reading as much as I can. I also love numbers, so I run everything through Excel.

I used WWS reports fed through to see my actual TPS, because I think omen sucks for a TPS number. I compared myself to our warriors and druids, and saw that I really wasn't too much lower. I looked at certain bosses I tanked, to see where my TPS fell in relation to theirs. Generally I found that I just had less spelldamage, and everything I did hit for less because of it. Consecration's TPS is a good guideline here, so I used that. I found that I was doing everything right, but because of low spelldamage it just wasn't enough. On farm fights I switched gear, and now people have no issues, and I'm doing 300TPS more than our other tanks.

I generally run with this setup - But that only has 465 spelldamage, so when I can get away with it I wear something like I'll change librams depending if I'm tanking 1 mob (Divine Purpose), many mobs (Eternal Rest), or a boss (Repentance). Armory has you in gear pretty similar to mine, so perhaps your issue is the same?
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