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Postby Morpheren » Wed May 14, 2008 9:14 am

Kinda rounding up my response to this page of posts:

I usually run with 2-3 people pretty consistently and pug the rest 1-2 dps and/or a healer usually, and generally start the group off with ym kill order macro, and when they ask what the CC marks are, I just spam the kill order macro a few more times.

We usually pick people up for heroic marathons, running 5-6, and usually 3-4 in i start getting a little drunk/tired and end up pulling WAY too many (by accident) and the healers isn't expecting the 20k dmg i'm fixing to take when all 12 mobs reach me at the same time (with swing timers ready). Then one of my friends will usually comment in party "geez morph, l2tank nub" and I apologize and ask if they want to get somebody else, nevermind that we've been smashing hero's for the past 4 hours, and it was an obvious mistake. Then I pull the comment that if they make a mistake their dps might dip to 800, but if I make a ONE mistake on a pull, we usually wipe, as I like to lightning-speed pull and hate waiting for pats.
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Re: Tanks have feelings too

Postby Peryl » Mon May 19, 2008 6:50 am

Discus wrote:I'm a casual player with pretty average gear and less than average skills (my hand to eye coordination and game/pc literacy is poor). I'm fairly self depreciating and will usually greet someone new in an instance by warning them of my ineptitude - sorry, I'm English :wink:

Recently I've been running instances and the criticism of my tanking from other players (mainly non guildies we pick up to fill groups) is making the instances aspect of the game unenjoyable. I've found myself avoiding instances and just grinding supplicants night after night. It seems in my realm (Ghostlands EU) outside of my guild many of the casual "fun" players seem to have departed and we are left with hardcore epic players, mainly in PVP gear, who are very serious about their play. To me it's a game to relax with after work is done and family are in bed.

I love the game and have spent a while building up even my entry level gear, so don't want to quit tanking and start from scratch to collect healing gear. Is this just a stage Tankadins go through ? (I'm just starting heroics). Should I swap to a younger realm? Or is my skin just too thin for level 70 tanking?

I think this is something that happens once you just start heroics. I'm only on normal 5 mans myself, but I've heard that players are VERY critical of your gear in heroics. They all want the "epic pally 40 min run" to get their badges. As others have posted, I would try to PUG Kara or maybe do a guild run and get a few pieces. Or try the easiest heroics (SP, see other posts). Preferably run with Guildies or friends.

As other posts have said, stick with what you like to do. If you like tanking don't give up on it just because of a few jerks (esp. in PVP gear LOL!). Also, I don't think your skills are as bad as you say, as tanking is the most demanding job in a group. Not only do you have to hold aggro and absorb damage, but you usually mark, and have to watch your healers. Also you have to know something about the instance and the pulls. If you have at least reached the heroic level, you have to have a good amount of skill. Don't shortchange yourself.
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Postby Lalecize » Thu May 22, 2008 5:28 pm

Yea I agree! Goodluck and post back letting us know how you go.

As to my earlier post. Im not saying be arrogant at all, im saying show a little confidence.

I for one having played my rogue extensively hate arrogant tanks who think they know what they are doing but dont and blame others so when playing my pally (my new main), I apologize to the group or the raid if I make a mistake.
I remember one cocky pallytank back in my roguedays, getting smashed by the first two mobs in heroic ramps with a +1800 pally healer who I knew was good. No matter what we tried, including casting huge holy lights, stunning mobs etc, the healer could'nt keep him up against the first two. He blamed the group, called us nubs, and said the heals sucked and that he needed a shadow priest. My guess is he needed 490 defence.

That being said I also call others on their mistakes if they don't apologize for them themselves. I also take the party lead and mark/direct the group.

Always show confidence. If you lead, you command, then people will respect you. With me taking party lead, I always have the party in control, and if I'm in a pug it only takes a quick uninvite to change someones attitude. If I have a dps causing stupid wipes, I'll tell them im replacing them, and simply uninvite them.

I always get the whisper "OMFG PLZ MAN REINIVTE ILL BE GOODDZZ KKK!!!".

I try not to be arrogant or an asshole, and I like mucking around and having a good time. People can joke around and do silly stuff. Have a good time, don't put yourself down, and don't take any crap. You are the tank its going to take them 40 minutes to find another anyway haha.

Recently I did a pug with 2 mages and a healer from various raiding guilds. It was heroic UB and everyone was around t4-t5 level. There was me and another guildey mage from my side.

The 2 non guildey mages said they had never done a heroic UB with a pallytank, and were complaining that 3 mages couldn't CC most of the instance so we should swap someone. I reminded them I was a pally and it wasnt necessery. They had their doubts. Obviously their guilds don't use pallytanks. If I had of been inconfident they may have bailed from the run, now I'm on their friends list.

By the third pull they were convinced you should never do a heroic without a pally again. We smashed the place in under 40 minutes with a cigarette break and not a single death. Lead the party and do it your way :D Let us know how it goes!
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Postby Lalecize » Thu May 22, 2008 5:48 pm

Eck sorry about the epic post. I had an afterthought.

Most of us here have significant tanking time under our belts so its all to easy to say "have confidence".

I was prot since day 1 and tanked all the instances from RFK to SH.

Confidence in your tanking ability takes time. Stick with it, and dont doubt yourself. It only gets easier. Every mistake you make you learn from.

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Postby Kelaan » Thu May 22, 2008 6:35 pm

Lalecize wrote:Confidence in your tanking ability takes time. Stick with it, and dont doubt yourself. It only gets easier. Every mistake you make you learn from. :-D

Too true. As a noobly tank, I find that being upfront about it and preemptively apologetic, people are more forgiving than I expect. =)
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Postby Ashmadai » Fri May 23, 2008 9:58 am

As long as you're playing your class properly you should never feel bad about it.

If I pull one too many mobs in a heroic Ramps or something because I'm feeling squirly and I get bursted down and we wipe, I laugh it off and we get back going.

If a dps edges too close to another pull or a hunter sends their pet in and agros 2 groups and we wipe because of it, I laugh it off and we get back going. It's just a game, and anybody who can't just not take it too seriously needs to find something else to do.

The other night I couldn't get a single guildy to do a heroic, so I joined a PUG for heroic MT, and it turned out to be pretty bad dps wise. Imagine me topping the damage meters in mana tombs with a rogue, hunter, and ret pally who were all in almost full epics, yet still doing about 500 dps each.

Sure, it was boring as hell for me, but I just pulled more and more mobs and tried to keep up the pace and we had a fun time. It's all about perspective, and if you're nice to the people you group with, the ones who are worth a damn will be nice to you as well.
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