Should I be able to multimob tank outland inst with my gear?

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Should I be able to multimob tank outland inst with my gear?

Postby Hebberig » Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:37 am

Hi all,

I started this tanking business about 2 months ago after levelling to 70 in a retribution spec. After reading up on the topic at various places I started collection the gear and a few weeks ago I managed to get uncritable and started to try to do the 5 man instances in Outland.

I don't have done many of those instances yet as it seems to be difficult to get 5 man together to even try the instances. Sofar we've always been very cautious and pulled trash mobs slowly involving lots of sapping, sheeping and icetrapping but I've been reading amongst others on this forum about how we tankadins are king of the multimob tanking and I wondered if I should be able to do this in my current gear?

It would save considerable time if trash mobs are killed quicker because then we would have more time to deal with the real bosses and perhaps even complete a whole instance as it usually takes several hours to even come halfway.

Funny thing is that yesterday I went into Sunken Temple with 2 level 50s of my guild (a warlock and a hunter) and I got the idea of how multimob tanking would look like as I pulled 6 to 7 mobs at a time and simply killed the lot. After a while the others started to feed pets, compare quests and stuff while I waded thru the mobs on the way to the bosses.

Hopefully you can give me some information and even tips on how to go about this stuff...

Btw, if you look at my armory link remember i use the superior wizard oil on my sword to get my spellpower to 200 :D

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Re: Should I be able to multimob tank outland inst with my g

Postby Mahale » Thu Jun 21, 2007 6:38 am

there is no reason at all you can't aoe tank the outland instances. I have just a little cappier gear than you in some spots (and better in others but your defense is much higher than mine) and I was able to aoe tank shattered halls last night.
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Postby ravenwing » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:33 am

Ive aoe tanked all the outland 5mans. Not only is it fast, you'll also annoy the dps in the group by being highest on the damage meter. :D
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