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Postby Fridmarr » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:07 pm

Guillex wrote:We have two heals... A crappy quick one, and a crappy long one.

You're going to overheal. That's just the way of things. Paladin healers are meant to be "top-off" healers. That is, when a HoT is on a target, you're spamming FoL or HL to get that target back up to max.

As long as you're critting and getting mana back, overhealing doesn't mean anything for a paladin healer. If a resto druid/shaman or a holy priest is overhealing, something's very... VERY wrong.

This about sums it up. I haven't studied healing meters for awhile, but I know that it used to be that HoTs didn't overheal, and the shaman chain heal hits the folks who need it most automatically, so that throws off the numbers a bit. A big part of overhealing though is lack of experience, once you get used to seeing how much damage is taken by folks from certain abilities, you'll get better at choosing your heals and faster at reacting as well, both will cause you to overheal less.
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Postby Sarutankah » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:13 pm

Kelaan wrote:As I've not healed since Hellfire Ramparts (lol?), I'm a bit rusty on healing. Do you have any advice for how you can PRACTICE healing without risking the lives of groupmates? Or do you just go heal instances you overgear/overlevel for a while until you get better at it, and then heal the more-appropriate places?

It'd be neat if Bartender let me have two different complete hotbar/key-assignment layouts for healing and tanking. Then again, if I specced Holy I'd not have holy shield or BoSanctuary on my bars as much (and probably not righteous defense or RF, LOL)... so that clears some space.

Are there any Youtube videos explaining how to set up / use Grid+clique in a way which is useful? I liked that one for PallyPower, 'twas handy.

Go practice in some aoe damage encounters - Pandemonius in H-MT etc.

I heal a lot as prot with 700 ish heals and 100 ish mp5 while casting - I just got used to using the red aggro indication on my party frame for pre emptive heals but otherwise - single target healing can't really be practiced to a raid degree until you are in... a raid :D go and try Kara - you'll kick butt as a tank healer and your raid wont continually wipe on Maiden because of BOSac.

Personally - I have to spec holy for a bit cos DPS at this level are driving me crazy as a tank (wtb - mage/warlock/boomkin that doesn't start casting frostbolt/wrath/shadowbolt as soon as my shield hits :S).
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Re: Healing as Holy

Postby Sunwelsdotir » Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:13 pm

Rustyblade wrote:But we did Leo tonight and well I was told to heal the warlock tank, I did 90k healing and 60k overheal for the 8 minute fight.

I thought it might be important to mention here that the lock is hit with only fire dmg. To survive this phase he needs to resist all of the fire dmg. When he gets hit it's for 4k then 6k 8k 12k etc, cause of the stackable debuff he gets. Resists don't add to the debuff.

So basicly, you'll end up healing him while he's at 100% most of the time, and when he get hit you hope you hit with a heal just after so he's back up to 100% again.

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Postby Holyday » Thu May 01, 2008 3:44 pm

I agree that over healing is overrated as long as you are not going OOM. If you keep your targets alive with mana to spare and you lead the healers in overhealing, so what. If other healers think that is what makes a good healer they are mistaken. Use your abilities the best way you can and thats strong single target heals that may overheal but are incredibly mana efficient. Keep a seal up when you can , bop those who need it to keep them alive, and keeping people cleansed will make anyone notice your effectiveness.
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Postby Failed-Stormscale » Thu May 01, 2008 4:04 pm

First off, unless your told you suck, fuck em.
Second, what class was the top healer?
Third, Who were you healing?

Priests, Druids and Shamans can all heal multiple targets easier, Example:

Chain Heal

Also, Was the person you were healing taking alot of damage? as a paladin if they had you healing "the raid" they are wrong because we really can't do it as well as any other classes.

Another thing is, was the top healer healing the same person as you? as long as you were keeping the tank/people up that you were assigned i'd say don't worry about it you did fine.
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Postby Tyaera » Sun May 04, 2008 10:07 pm

I am actually considering going Holy for a while.

I have every tank drop I need from every boss we are killing, with the exception of Maiden's neck, t4 helm (making my engineering goggles next weekend), and Void Reaver's bracers. We have a lot of tanks too. I am the only paladin tank, but besides Jan'alai there aren't really any places that I'm NEEDED.
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