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Postby DracoTB » Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:04 pm

Wyleai wrote:I think they programmed it so that on a CC, the threat table gets introduced to the random number generator for a few seconds...

I've been told that the third boss in mgt is designed to be more like a pvp scenario. Agro rules do not apply.

On my mage on the third boss I poly'd the target after the AS pull and all the mobs centered on me.
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Postby Makaijin » Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:42 pm

Moses wrote:
Snake-Aes wrote:I'm fairly sure it doesn't share the other mobs' sight on Global threat(healing, mostly), making them really a "brand-new" mob after sheep is broken(they only keep threat they previously had)

If you're generating threat on the sheep you're breaking the sheep, silly =D

Actually not true. I used to have a macro as a warrior tank that I'd could click to sunder my focus. I'd set my focus to the sheep mob before the pull then after it was sheeped I'd walk up next to it and click the macro and viola a sunder appeared on the sheep. Never broke the sheep though, when it would break of it's own accord (or cause some sloppy lock dotted it) it would flawlessly come right to me.

Doesn't seem like pallies have anything they can use to "aggro sheep" though as healing doesn't seem to build any. I think I prefer fear anymore though.

Back when I was still tanking on my warrior pre-TBC, I used to have a macro which casts sunder on my mouseover target. I would mouse over the mob's nameplate (mouseovering the actual mob works too) and sunder. Was alot better than tab sundering. Occasionally I would accidentally sunder a sheep or any other CC'd mob. After a little experimenting, I found that CC that breaks on attack basically means it actually has to take damage to break. If you were auto-attacking something else, the CC never broke and the sunder still applied, since suder itself only applies a debuff but no damage.

I don't know if this is still true post TBC as I haven't even touched my human warrior since i rerolled horde when TBC was first released.
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Postby Ariashley » Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:12 pm

The first week MgT was out, I ran it a lot on my rogue. Generally, my entire group outgeared the requirements of the instance by a large margin (rogue in combination of T5 and T6).

The room in question really doesn't seem to function entirely on normal aggro rules. The pulls have resulted in a dead enslaving warlock (our usual alternative to a mage) a number of times in that room for no obvious reason and weird LoS issues for healing. As others have said, it seems like there are weird dead zones within the room that are aggro-free. If in them, mobs will not focus on you.

Additionally, the boss encounter in that room doesn't function on normal aggro for sure. I tank that encounter on my rogue more often than not and try to only go to the instance when specced ShdStep for PvP. I always Sap one of the adds for cc and we are usually able to control another with someone in the party. I get the priest on me 95% of the time without anyone being able to pull her off, even without attacking her at all. I've been in there with a T5 paladin and a T6 warrior tanking - the warrior in particular is able to build more aggro on targets without a misdirect than I've ever seen anyone else generate. There is no way that I pulled aggro off him without attacking anything and have literally never pulled off him in an instance before, even when fully buffed running 1500-1900 DPS. In a 5 man where specced for PvP with really no party buffs I might top out at 900 DPS.

The interesting study would be to determine how the mobs decide who to attack. It could be in combat cc use (perhaps that's been given new global threat?). It seems like I pull aggro on a different mob when I stun the target of my attacks. It could be that they have some sort of linked, funky aggro table, based on globals. I am hit capped on my rogue and regerate energy at crazy rates, which generates 0.5 threat per second.
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Postby Widdox » Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:25 am

I always just pop in my healin gear, we cc what we can and go to town. Arenas 5 man style. Its kinda fun. BOPs, Fears, BoSac, Stun, Toss your Avenger's Shield to snare the target, and heal your butt off.
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Postby Wyleai » Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:51 pm

I've only done MrT on my resto druid. We usually go in with me, a guild tankadin, and a guild holy priest. Those two were grinding for exalted. The last two slots can be anything.

This is just one encounter where that healing combo really shines. Both of us can instant cast a lot of HoT heals - and I find myself HoT healing the entire group about equally rather than focusing on the tank. A slow cast healer (paladin or shaman) would be more problematic here - you need to be able to react fast and deal with constantly shifting points of attack. A shaman might have chain heal, but things are moving around so fast you might not get the second and third targets you desired.

This is one where on my druid I usually stand near the middle of the room and keep spinning around while spamming clicks on the party target icon bars. The priest just runs around spamming that aura thing they do - Holy Nova I think, but my priest never leveled past 36, so it may be something else.

There isn't anywhere in MrT now where we use CC, but then I've never been there with a warrior or druid tank.
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