This site and bubble taunt.

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This site and bubble taunt.

Postby Lowgrus » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:35 pm

New to this site, first off wanted to say definitly inspiring. I play this game to be the best, and had a warlock who was saving up for his epic mount and hes liked totally decked out so I'm like screw this. I'm bored, becuase I was like raiding in guilds that could do gruul and stuff, but who cares when my tailor stuff is not going to get replaced until maybe SSC. But I decided I wanted a paladin. I started out healing heroics and stuff without focusing on healing gear to much becuase healing is flipping ez mode.

I wanted a challenge. I've never liked the idea of being a tank becuase I like being in control. On my warlock I have drain life, death coil, fear, Curse of recklesnnes to bring htem back to me if they are going to go into another mob. I have a ton of hp. Curse of Exhaustion. I dont die in a 5 man for the most part. And a warrior is just no control.

I loved the idea of having a blue ragebar. So I earned about 100 badges in 5 days. Got exalted within that same time and got my suneater, because I was already a pro on my warlock with doing them.

One thing I want to get better at is using my bubbles more effectivly. I had saw some macroes about if rightous defense is on cooldown or something then it would bubble the second highest person on threat good and all. Bud I'd be afraid I'd bubble myself. I'm having a problem with declicking my buff fast enough due to the fact that my xperl target of target goes all the way over to my buffs. So does anyone know how to either change xperl frames or make it to where i can get rid of my buff faster. Alot of the times I am way ahead on aggro but need to bubble to live. and I can just declick whent hey are near other mob.

Also I was wondering why the hell does rightous defense fail so much. Its like everytime I bubble myself and try to use righous defense it just doesn't work any info on that.

Zechariah.- Which is my mains name which is what I generally go by but my characters name is Lowgrus on firetree.

Btw I'm goign to be the most decked out prot paladin there is on that server. Unfortunelty I just dont do kara becuaese not in a guild that can do it on paladin. And I refuse to do kara on my lock becuase that place is ez mode. Oh and 2 cards away from full furies deck. So june 12th 51 stamina trinket and did anyone ever find out if that holy damage was going to be affected by our rightous fury.
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Postby Lore » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:03 am

/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield

put that in a macro, hit the button once to bubble, again to turn it off.
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Postby Saladin » Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:12 am

ooOo.. i like that one

>.< i need to use more macros.. i still click on target for RF /sigh..

Im not sure i understood what OP was trying to say when he mentioned he was too far on aggro and had to bubble but release cos he was near other mobs?
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