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Postby Aergis » Fri Feb 23, 2007 5:32 pm

The primary job of any tank is to stay alive. You do this by lowering your damage intake as much as possible, allowing your healers an easier time to keep you standing. The group will wipe if you die unless someone else can pick up and tank in your spot, so you need to mitigate as much damage as possible.

Critical Hits.
The first step is to eliminate all critical hits which does 200% of thier regular damage . The chance a mob has to crit you is directly related to your defense skill. They only recieve a base weapon skill of 5 per level. A lvl 70 mob has a 350 weapon skill ( 5 * 70 ). A player at lvl 70 has 350 defense ( 5 per level ). If the mob's weapon skill and a player's defense skill are the same, the mob has a base 5% chance to get a critical strike.

This can be lowered by increasing defense skill. For every 25 points of defense the chance of being crit is lowered by 1% while the chance of being missed is raised by 1%. To negate the 5% crit on a lvl 70 mob, you will need 475 defense ( 350 base + ( 25 * 5 )). For lvl 73 mobs, you will need 490 defense ( 350 base + ( 25 * 5 ) + an extra 15 to make up for the 15 weapon skill increase of the mob ).

Crushing Blows.
Now that you cannot be crit by any mob in the game, you have reduced your damage income by quite a bit. However, a lvl 73 raid boss can still hit you with a crushing blow, which deals 150% normal damage. The benefit defense will have on a crushing blow is capped at 350, your base defense of 5 * your level. There is a minimum chance of 15% that a mob 3+ levels higher than you will land a crushing blow.

There is no direct way to reduce the 15% crushing blow from lvl 73 bosses. However a block, dodge, parry, or miss cannot be a crushing blow. The only way to do it is to make sure that you either block, dodge, or parry every attack. When an attack is made, a single random number is generated and compared to attack table that is defined by your overall mitigation attributes. The attack table has been shown to have a ranking order, and it looks like this :

Code: Select all
The following table is laid out in descending order of the precedence of one attack result over another. That is to say, the entries at the top of the table take precedence over the entries below them. (This precedence order is from Blizzard, and as such is accurate.)

Crushing Blow
ordinary hit

This means the outcome of a normal attack can only be one of the items listed in the table. It cannot be a blocked crit, or a parried crushing blow. The key factor here is the order in which the table is listed. As soon as the table adds up to 100 from top to bottom, anything below the bottom "falls off" the table and can therefore never happen. The idea is to raise the combined values of miss, dodge, parry, and block from gear and abilities to be 100% or higher, thus pushing crushing blow and ordinary hits completly off the table.

A lvl 70 player has a natural 5% chance to be missed by an equal level mob. For each level above the player, a mob gains 0.2% chance to hit from his 5 weapon skill increase. For lvl 73 bosses, your base miss rate is reduced to 4.4%. But remember that each 25 points of defense lowers your chance to be crit by 1% and increases your chance to be missed by 1%. When you mouse-over the defense stat on your character sheet, it will tell you how much you are increasing miss and decreasing crit. At around 500 defense, the increase to miss will be about 6 against a lvl 70 mob, 5.4 against a lvl 73 boss, so a total of around 10. There is no way to increase this number other than what is derived from defense skill.

Dodge is the same as miss, but is it's own category because it can be increased from gear, agility, and abilities. As with dodge, it reduces the damage intake from physical attacks to 0. The dodge rating coefficient is 18.9 dodge rating to 1% dodge. It takes 19.55 agility to gain 1% dodge for a paladin.

Parry also reduces the damage intake to 0 but reduces the time for your next swing. The reduction amount is a flat 40% of your normal swing time. It can only be increased by parry rating or talents. It takes 31.5 parry rating to gain 1% parry.

When an attack is Blocked, it does not necessarily mean that the target takes no damage. A Block attack-result inflicts the same damage as a normal hit, but reduced by an amount based on the your Block value and Strength. The formula for reduction is listed as [(Shield block value) + ((Strength / 20) - 1)]. Block is the least valuable when the damage is high per hit because you only block a small percentage of the damage. The block rating to block% reflects this as it only costs 7.9 block rating for 1% block.

On top of reducing the rate at which a mob can crit you, defense skill also raises miss, dodge, parry, and block by a factor of 0.04 for each skill level of defense above the mobs weapon skill ( 350 for lvl 70 mobs, 365 for lvl 73 ). At 490 defense, you have increased miss, dodge, parry, and block by 5% against a lvl 73 boss.

"Magic 60%":
We now have some gear choices to make if we want to increase our combined miss/dodge/parry/block to 100%. Remembering that we have holy shield, we only need to get this number to 70% and let holy shield cover the last 30%. Miss is around 9.8% from 500 defense against a lvl 73 boss. So we need to get dodge, parry, and block only up to 60% total to remove all chances of a crushing blow.

We can keep piling on defense skill to increase all 4 percentages, but the payoff is less than getting pure rating on specific attributes. You would effectivley need another 300 defense skill to gain the extra 49% above your base miss/dodge/parry/block% at 350 defense ( which is 5% miss, 0.7% dodge, 10% parry with talents, 5% block ). I would venture to say that 650 defense is impossible to achieve.

We can try to get individual bonuses to end up at 20% dodge, 20% parry, 20% block. However we should also realize that the damage taken from a block is still very high against hard hitting bosses. We would be better off to look for the other two attributes to raise since they allow us to recieve 0 damage from the attack.

Parry would be the ideal canidate to stack higher than the rest since we get faster attacks from each parry, thus increasing threat while keeping damage at 0. Parry though is very costly at 31.5 parry rating per 1% and is not as common on gear as dodge or block.

Dodge then is then our best choice. It is moderatly priced at 18.9 rating per 1% and is readibly available on lots of gear. It is also raised by agility which makes it even easier to increase. I will add a post in the gear section soon with some easily obtainable dodge plate gear and enchants to stack.

Since bosses are lvl 73, they reduce the benefit to your miss/dodge/parry/block from defense by 0.2% per level above your level. Because of this you will need to gain another 0.6% overall avoidance/mitigation per level, or 2.4% total. The numbers on your character sheet assume you are fighting an equal level mob, and thus you need to add another 2.4% to completely remove crushings ( which only come from mobs 3 levels above ). So the final goal is to hit 102.4% on your character sheet to make 100% against a lvl 73 boss.

But what about holy shield threat?
The threat generated from holy shield is very nice, however should not be taken over your own survivability. Also remember that holy shield only has 4 charges every 10 seconds where it deals damage. Losing one of those charges by dodging when you would have blocked will not cause you to lose threat unless you are relying only on holy shield to generate it, which you shouldn't be.

And I'm not saying take dodge to 35% and leave parry 15% and block at 10%. While may be ideal in terms of mitigation, it is definatley not plausable pre-karazhan. It is possible however, to get 25% dodge, 15% parry, and 20% block. It's even possible to get dodge as high as 35% fully raid buffed, though not neccesarily advisable to sacrifice that much stam to get there.
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Re: Mitigation

Postby Arcand » Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:19 pm

Aergis wrote:"Magic 60%":
We now have some gear choices to make if we want to increase our combined miss/dodge/parry/block to 100%. Remembering that we have holy shield, we only need to get this number to 70% and let holy shield cover the last 30%.

Because I loves me a good number crunch...against a level 73 bad guy:

Miss = 5 + 0.04(D-365)
Parry = 10 + 0.04(D-365) + PR/31.5
Dodge = 5 + 0.04(D-365) + DR/18.9 + Agi/20
Block = 5 + 0.04(D-365) + BR/7.9

(The agility contribution to dodge is a fudge because WoWwiki doesn't seem as confident of those numbers as they usually are.)

If you wanted to get "total avoidance" to 70% by brute-forcing with Defense only, you'd have

25 + 0.16(D-365) = 70
0.16(D-365) = 45
D-365 = 281.25 = 282
D = 647

Urk. Looks like we won't be speccing out of Redoubt anytime soon. (Just for purposes of filling the attack table with non-crush results, it turns out that 1 Parry Rating = 0.63 Def, 1 Dodge Rating = 1.06 Def and 1 Block Rating = 2.53 Def.)
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