Query: Leveling as Prot guide?

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Re: Query: Leveling as Prot guide?

Postby Skye1013 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:08 am

econ21 wrote:
Valentus wrote:One thing I am curious about, around what level should you really start making an effort to obtain glyphs? Just whenever you can afford em?

I see where you are coming from with that question. Levelling an alt, I was horrified at the cost of glyphs: totally out of the price range for a level 20 or whatever. I ended up getting a friend to help me transfer gold from my alliance main to my horde alt via the Booty Bay AH.

I guess the glyphs are just perks and can wait till you can afford them. But for my alt, where price was ultimately not an issue, I was very keen to get them on level: I think it was the HotR one and the LoH one I went for early, as I thought they could be very useful for levelling during dungeons. LoH is an awesome 5-man cooldown and low level dungeons seem to be all about AOE.

Assuming I don't have my own scribe, I just do a search each day on the AH and pick up any glyphs that are <20g. I've picked up quite a few that way, and while it's not the most precise method, it does allow me to get them for "cheap" as opposed to grabbing the exact ones I want for >100g. Granted, this can be slow going, but while leveling, glyphs aren't a necessity (and it could be argued that they aren't a necessity at max level, but they're a great way to tailor abilities for your needs, so why WOULDN'T you have them at max level?)
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Re: Query: Leveling as Prot guide?

Postby Dechion » Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:09 am

Xylaria wrote:I agree this would be a nice feature...

When I returned to WoW a month ago, and was leveling up to 85, I was looking for one of these guides but couldn't find one...

(I have also been looking for these types of guides for other classes, but haven't had any luck there either :( so if anyone knows them, don't hesitate :D )

I'm just returning to the tanking scene after quite a break, so I'm reading up on things myself. I do have a series of posts on leveling in the LFD as a Resto Shaman if thats one of the other classes you are looking for info on. http://sitv.wordpress.com
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Re: Query: Leveling as Prot guide?

Postby fall0ut » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:42 pm

i recently started leveling my level 80 paladin i had left over from wrath (i took a long break and am just now getting into cat). i tried following zygor's quest guide like i did for my rogue but found questing tedious. so i respec'd as a tank bought obsidian armor from the ah and have been farming the random cat dungeons. the LFG queue is non existent for tanks.

so far i am leveling at about the same speed as i did questing with my rogue from 80-85, about a level a day.

i am currently at 84 getting a little over 100k xp/hour and wearing all blue quality items (better ilvl and gear quality than my rogue had at 84). i am estimating once i hit 85 i'll have enough jp purchases to exceed the 353 ilvl and skip right into tanking HoT heroics.
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