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Re: Basic aggro question

Postby Gaxby » Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:23 am

Arcand wrote:
Koatanga wrote:If you do use the CC-pull technique for silincing separated casters with AS, it is best to not have the dazing glyph. You only have a few seconds of silence before they stop to cast again, so you want them to move as far away form the CC as possible during that time.

I've been seconds away from throwing out Glyph of Dazing Shield, but have always chickened out so far because

* I don't know what I'd replace it with
* The exploding elementals in Grim Batol
* Elephant-man adds, final boss in Grim Batol

...but I know I'd dearly love having those silenced casters hauling it toward me at top speed. Are you finding it works well?

It really depends on your style of tanking. For me in 5-man dungeons, I use very little CC as possible because I want to reach the higher percentage of Vengeance. I use a standard WoG/self-heal spec and chain-pull as many packs as I can so I don't lose my stacks of Vengeance, therefore simulating the raid boss level of threat I wouldn't usually get if I used CC.
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