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Stats weight

Postby Siral » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:26 am

While i'm searching for some upgrades on wowhead, I've found a "weight" research.

I use the paladin tank option but i'm not really sure that weights are really well studied.

So, if I want to refine my search with this option, what weights you suggest to use?

The stats are:

Mastery (and I would use it as 100% value since it's the best stat at the moment to stack)
Stamina (not very important, all tank item comes with similar stamina based on Ilvl)
Strength (to compare it with expertise and hit in threat generation, but remembering that adds also parry)
Expertise (best threat option, but honestly, I dont have a lot of threat problems)
Hit (There is a real reason to have hit in this stage of the game??? maybe with rebuke)
Dodge (3rd avoidance stat, prefer parry over dodge)
Parry (2nd avoidance stat)
Armor (I think this is a fixed value for Ilvl, maybe have some kind of influence only on back enchant and trinket)
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Re: Stats weight

Postby econ21 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:45 am

Thelmiance has done some careful work on this that you might want to look at: ... =viewtopic

It is very hard to give objective weights to threat vs survival stats, or stamina vs damage reduction vs combat table coverage. But, as you note, with the exception of trinkets and gems, often we don't need to make such tradeoffs as stamina and armor tends to be uniform for a given item level. The consensus here seems to be, generally, to go with the highest item level tanking gear you can get, where possible choosing items with survival secondary stats and prefering mastery over dodge/parry. The argument is that threat is not an issue at the moment and mastery is best for both damage reduction and combat table coverage.
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