Hallowed Ground vs. Reckoning

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Hallowed Ground vs. Reckoning

Postby Echaa » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:05 am

I was going over the spec I plan to use when the servers come up today and 4.0 is active. I was wondering how Hallowed Ground and Reckoning differ in terms of threat so I did some maths on them:

Basic Assumptions:
-You are using this spec: )http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#scZGMhcRddRRuz:cosqbkMzm)and simply swap Reckoning and Hallowed Ground as needed.
-You have 0 (Zero) mastery rating
-You are hit and soft expertise capped
-You are completely unbuffed
-You are using Seal of Truth and have 100% up-time with 5 stacks on Censure
-You have Rimefang's Claw (http://www.wowhead.com/item=50268) - Because Marrogaw's mace doesn't exist

-The boss fight is exactly 10min long and is single-target only
-The boss has a 1.6 second attack speed

Possible sources of errors or strange numbers in an in-game test:
-Because only the soft expertise cap is assumed, the boss can still parry. Parry-hastened attacks will cause more than 375 attacks and could either trigger more reckoning procs or even parry attacks generated by Reckoning.
-Latency and GCDs from carrying out your regular threat rotation affect your ability to drop Consecrate exactly when the cooldown is up.
-Few bosses are simply stand-still patchwerk style encounters and the boss would likely be subject to movement, reducing Consecrations effectiveness.
-Boss attack speeds vary, though with this model a boss would need to have a 3.2 attack speed for Reckoning to fall down to Consecrate's level on a single target.

There are 600 seconds in 10 minutes and with a 1.6 attack speed the boss will attack exactly 375 times.
With no mastery rating you have a 16% chance to block giving you 60 blocks in those 10 minutes.
Reckoning has a 20% proc chance on each of your 60 blocks giving ~12 procs or 48 additional hits.

With 5 stacks of Censure, Seal of Truth does 16% of your weapon damage as holy damage.

If W = your weapon's average damage then the total damage done by Reckoning is:

White hit - Seal of Truth #hits due to reckoning
( W + 0.16W) * 48
-- 1.16W*48 = 55.68W = Total damage done by reckoning

------ = Reckoning's total dps over the fight or ~17dps with Rimefang's Claw. 8.5dps per talent point.

Consecrate deals 729 damage over 10 seconds with a 30 seconds cooldown. With a fight length of 600 seconds and a cooldown of 30, you can drop consecrate 20 times.
(729 * 20) / 600 = 24.3dps
[(729*1.4) * 20] / 600 = 34.02dps
Hallowed ground gives you 9.72dps over a 10 minute fight if you drop it every cooldown. 4.86 dps per talent point.


For one target: Reckoning does ~17dps(8.5/point) while consecrate does 9.72(4.86/point).
Because Consecrate does its damage consistently to all targets inside its radius, with two targets consecrate's dps doubles. With only one target it is just over half of Reckonings dps, so with two targets, consecrate and reckoning should come close. On three or more targets, consecrate should generate more threat than reckoning.

So here are my questions to all of you:
How useful would you consider Reckoning to be for a single-target threat build, and would you use it in a main-tank build for 10 or 25 mans.
How useful would you consider Hallowed Ground to be for an aoe tanking or add-grabbing build?
Would you use either in a jack-of-all-trades tanking build?
Because I'm on the topic of consecrate - does the glyph of consecration (http://cata.wowhead.com/item=41099) add more ticks to compensate for an increased duration or does it simply extend the time interval between ticks?
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Re: Hallowed Ground vs. Reckoning

Postby fuzzygeek » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:46 am

The glyph adds ticks, or it'd be pretty awful.

Edit: in the past three days I think I've used cons maybe a dozen times. Usually dropping it while pulling an exceptionally large pack, otherwise it's fallen by the wayside.
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Re: Hallowed Ground vs. Reckoning

Postby theckhd » Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:21 am

You might want to take a look at my 4.0 Matlab thread, Reckoning is significantly more powerful than you're giving it credit for. It's closer to 100 DPS per talent point spent if you're reforging for block cap, and around 50 if not.
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Re: Hallowed Ground vs. Reckoning

Postby Flex » Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:51 am

With a 3 second HotR I cast Consecration twice last night in ICC10. I don't see a need to spec for Hallowed Ground with the current system.
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Re: Hallowed Ground vs. Reckoning

Postby Treck » Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:03 am

theckhd wrote:You might want to take a look at my 4.0 Matlab thread, Reckoning is significantly more powerful than you're giving it credit for. It's closer to 100 DPS per talent point spent if you're reforging for block cap, and around 50 if not.

Not to mention that in a normal bossfight (festergut/deatbringer) you wont use consecration at all.
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