Paladin Raid Tanking

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Paladin Raid Tanking

Postby Kandoril » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:41 am

This is me

First, thank you to everyone who answered my previous posts! Your help has been very useful and greatly appreciated. It's nice to get honest answers as opposed to the smart-assed remarks I sometimes get in-game. :)

I am still occasionally having issues holding threat. Some of it may be my not completely knowing the dungeon we are running, but other times I am sure someone else is pulling the aggro off me. I'm beginning to wonder if I am doing something wrong instead of it being others with better gear and high dps. According to my stats at AND , I am ready to run some 10 man raids. Yet I am concerned that my failure to keep good aggro may get me remembered as a 'bad tank' , a 'newbie' who doesn't know how to play, or simply blacklisted as a tank NObody wants in their group :( . I admit I'm still learning, even after 4yrs of playing WoW, but I need helpful advice...not the smart-assed remarks I previously referred to.

So, this post, can any of you suggest ways to improve my threat? Or perhaps some advice on what raids I should start out running? Or maybe even perhaps some videos or sites that will help me learn before I actually start to run them? I'd prefer something that is popular, since the Dungeon Finder only works on Heroics and I'll have to PUG a group.

Also, any guilds in Cairne that could be helpful. I'm giving up being GM of a guild that isn't working. I think I prefer to just be a member of someone elses guild. I don't need the headache of babysitting. lol

Thanks in Advance!
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Re: Paladin Raid Tanking

Postby Digren » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:01 am

Post a combat log and the good folks here will parse it and point out your problems. Good luck!
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Re: Paladin Raid Tanking

Postby bashef » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:06 am

You don't look to be in such bad shape. First question I'd ask anyone struggling with threat is, are you following the 969 rotation? I assume so, you're specced properly for it, but it's always worth asking.

As far as threat stats go, you're low on both hit and expertise. Expertise especially will net you a lot of benefit as you're still under the dodge cap (at which point it's our best threat stat). Upgrading from tempered titansteel head to 245 badge head should be number one priority, there's also a better waist than the one you're wearing, and neck and back too. These will all help your threat by adding hit and of course more strength.

At the moment you're somewhere between naxx25 and ulduar 25 gear level... if you're struggling with threat relative to ICC25 dps, don't worry. If people in similar gear pull aggro on single target fights you've got more to worry about. In this case, you can look at action bar setup, make sure you're using keybinds, and spam those buttons to make sure there's no delay between your abilities being cast. Meloree linked a great vid on the Advanced Training boards a little while back which covers this from a DPS perspective, but max dps is also pretty much max threat (ignoring the differences between threat modifiers on white and holy damage).

I'd lose the HotR glyph for raid tanking and replace it with judgement as well, HotR glyph does nothing for single target threat which is what really matters.

On a non-threat related note, you can stop gemming defense; you're now at the point where you should look to lose some of it for more health (see Digren's gear and enchanting guide). Similarly, run ToC 5 normal until you get the Black Heart to replace Lavanthor's.
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Re: Paladin Raid Tanking

Postby bldavis » Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:15 pm

i would definetly look into your rotation, that is prob. where the issue is.

the judgement glyph will definetly help your single target threat.
and as far as gems, like bashef said, you should look into Dirgen'g gem/enchant guide.
your over 560 def, so almost all your def gems could get switched out.

gear whise, there is the 213 cloak, that is decent until you can get the one from N-HoR or one from a raid.
i would also get saronite swordbreakers asap, they will provide you with some much needed hit, as well as more stam.
for shields, i would suggest running N-HoR for the
Trinkets, Def run N-ToC for the black heart
as for the belt slot, i would upgrade to
your wep is pretty good until you get into raids, or at least H-PoS for or H-HoR for
these are all upgrades you can get with just EoTriumphs.

other then that your gear looks decent, just like bashef said, upgrade your neck/helm to the emblems options and pick up a couple drops from dungeons (N-Toc, N-HoR) and that should help.

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Re: Paladin Raid Tanking

Postby PsiVen » Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:38 pm

Please direct advice request threads to the Basic Training or Gear Advice forums. Redirecting this thread now.
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