Need some help making a decision

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Need some help making a decision

Postby Femme » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:07 am

Fellow tankadins,

I recently activated my account and it is time to start playing my paladin again. Reason why I decided to play my paladin is because it is a versatile class which allows me to do everything in this game. Plus the fact I like playing the paladin. I want to focus on tanking for now since that allows me to find groups faster with the random group tool. My 2nd spec will be holy, but that is not important for now.

I'm in a guild as a social member, since I don't have time for raiding. I only join them if they are short on people and i'm online at the moment. So most of the time I do 5 mans, and solo stuff. Which will be my goal in the end. Try to solo as much as possible. You can see it as some sort of personal challenge.

Now the thing I need your help with is the fact that I got enchanting and Jewelcrafting. And i'm thinking of dropping JC for engineering. Reason why I want to change is the fact that engineering offers me more for solo play compared to JC (at least that is what I think). JC is nice overall, but I cba to do the daily everyday, so I don't have a lot of designs. Even if I have the design most of the blue gems are so cheap that I just buy them cutted from the ah. Maybe that changes with epic gems, but no need to put those in my gear yet. So is it whise to drop JC for engineering, or would you recommend not to change at all or even take another proff?

Now I'm going back to reading some guides about playing a tankadin.
Looking forward for your reactions.
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Re: Need some help making a decision

Postby Wrathy » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:38 am

There is not a profession in the game I would drop JC for. Although most professions offer similar gains in stamina, the simplicity of the JC only gems is great.
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