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Threat Issues

How to get started.

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Re: Threat Issues

Postby æ » Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:39 pm

HS -> Hand of Reckoning -> Exo -> AD -> Concecration -> HS -> 969
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Re: Threat Issues

Postby phaqueue » Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:19 am

Kelaan wrote:
inthedrops wrote:In a heroic setting with impatient DPS here's how things play out and why I don't recommend it. It's not an issue if DPS is smart and mobs are marked (like the OP does) but in the cases it's not here's what happens....

00:00 Tank taunts some target to initiate pull (almost always the closest mob). DPS notice his target and assume it's the first kill target.
00:01 Tank takes a second or two to get into range of the mobs in order to build threat. Gets a hammer off (if they're smart) or drops consecrate (for terrible snap agro), both of which may or may not be on the initial taunt target.
00:02 DPS also starts casting/wailing away on the initial taunt target because "the tank is in range and we're impatient".
00:03 Taunt duration wears off.

Taunt->Shield Toss->Hammer->Judge/ShoR, potentially on different targets, seems to work really well for me. Taunt+ShieldToss is a fairly large burst threat amount, and since you're running in already anyways, you're likely in range to hit (with hammer, judgement, and shield) before anyone else, too. That + SoCommand's cleaves seems to work very well for me.

Or, if you're having the problem of DPS getting on that one mob and pulling it off you... taunt, shield, hammer then shield slam that mob - you will have a pretty good threat lead on that mob when the DPS starts hitting it - so you can drop consecration and judgement, etc after that - only problem is that it messes with 969 - however in a lot of heroics I run 969 becomes basically a moot point for trash... by the time I would get into any real rotation - the mobs are dead and I've pulled more...
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