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Welcome to Basic Training

Postby Arcand » Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:53 am

"Superior tankadins use their superior knowledge and judgement to prevent situations which would require their superior skill and gear."

If you're new to tanking, this forum's for you. If you enjoy meeting new tanks and helping them get better, this forum's for you.

My name's Jason, and I'm your moderator; I've had the job since January 2009. Here's how I like things to work:

Be Friendly
New guests to this site often make their very first post on this forum, and have their very first interaction with the tankadin community here. Sometimes they ask daft, callow questions. :) If you're not in the mood to work with that right now, go read something else and let the rest of us handle the question. Demonstrate class and grace by treating the novices well.

Bring Your Best Manners
The internet is a magnet for egregious behavior of many kinds, and none of it will fly in here. If your parents/teachers didn't enlighten you as to the basics of civil discourse, maybe just lurk for a while and learn from the other members before you dive in. If your posts don't satisfy my draconian standards of courtesy they will vanish.

Be Helpful and Informative
The primary purpose of this forum is to give relatively inexperienced players the knowledge they need to succeed as paladin tanks. If your post contributes to this goal, you're doing great and we're happy to have you.

Walk Away
If someone is discourteous with you, you do not have my blessing to retaliate. I request that you ignore them. Bring it to my attention if you wish, or wait for me to notice it on my own; it will be my pleasure to sort them out.

Here, for illustration, are some ways to not contribute as well as you ought.


Minimally helpful, not informative. If I see this as the only answer I'll let it stand, but I'll delete it as soon as someone else answers the question and follows up with some elaboration. Doesn't mean I'm mad at you, just that your answer was the barest minimum and we want to do better than that.

Read the stickies.

Search function.

Barely helpful, completely uninformative. Even if this is the only answer, I'll torch it and wait for something better.

You seriously don't know this? Omg.

Yes, some people come to the Basic Training forum to obtain basic information. They've come to the right place and we will help them out. Expressing your amazement that somebody doesn't know a computer game mechanic is unhelpful and uninteresting, and your post will vanish as soon as I notice it. If you strike me as smug, or belittling of a newbie, you will probably end up on my shit list from which there is no escape.

That's not what I was asking, learn2read.

First, the ubiquitous 'learn2' shot is a symbol of everything I despise about the internet and will instantly land you on my shit list from which there is no escape. Second, and more importantly, if someone makes an effort to help you, you will be nothing but appreciative. If they tried to help you and failed utterly, you will be nothing but appreciative and then you can try rephrasing your question. If you aren't satisfied with the help you're getting, try your luck with the little tin gods over at EJ.

There is no defense cap.

This rule's obsolete now, but back in the day the point of it was "avoid unhelpful nitpicking of a question". Not everyone uses the same jargon that we do, and quite often that isn't a problem.

If you genuinely think that a question or a phrasing needs to be refined before you can answer something properly, go for it; just stay away from "you didn't say that the way I would have said it, therefore you said it wrong and must be corrected". We may or may not be a leading authority, but either way let's maintain a healthy, chilled attitude about it.

If you've read this far you're probably slightly bored, and convinced that I'm a humorless prick - I promise I'll try not to be! Pick the regulars' brains, learn stuff, jump in when you get a chance to answer somebody else's questions. Have fun.

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