"Oh No!" Cooldown Order

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"Oh No!" Cooldown Order

Postby Florisia » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:59 am

I've had an odd question that seemed like it belonged in Basic Training, because it seems like a basic enough question.

What's the best order to use your 'Oh No!' cooldown buttons? I'm sure many tanks have had the need to use their 'Oh No!'es before. What's the best order to use them in, though?

This is generally what I do, out of pure habit.

35% or less
1)Potion, or Potion/Healthstone
2)Lay on Hands/Insert witty emote/say
3)Bubble Wall(Or Bubble+Holy Light, if I'm 'Last Man Standing'), followed by Seal of Light/Judgements of light thereafter.
4)Passive 'AD' (Provided I didn't slip up sooner and already use it)

What I THINK would be better would be this.

35% or less
3)Passive AD
4)Lay on Hands(or swap with 3, if the incoming attacks regularly manage to exceed 30% of my health, for some reason)

I would probably throw 'Switch to Seal of Light' in at step 2 or 3, because either I'm not mitigating enough damage, my healer is out of mana/health, or the healer can't keep up with the incoming damage. I did bubblewall first, because it cools down quicker and means I can use it in the future, if I need to again. Lay on hands, even glyphed still has a large cooldown.

What do you guys do first in emergency situations?
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Re: "Oh No!" Cooldown Order

Postby Jasari » Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:06 am

I typically use trinkets on CD unless the fight mechanics favor waiting to use them at a specific time.

For Bubble Wall, I almost always use it proactively, when I know damage in take is going to spike: Vezax surges, Mimiron Plasma Blast, etc.

I (almost) never use Health pots and instead use Indescructable Potions, also proactively. On progression, I'll pop one right before I pull and other one sometime after it runs out - not necessarily right when it runs out, but whenever I know damage intake is going to increase or healer are going to be busy doing somethingorother.

Pretty much the only time I use healthstones are if I know a healer is unable to heal me. I almost never use them as a reaction to my health dropping low, but rather if I know that healers are out of position or several have died. The same is true for LoH.
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Re: "Oh No!" Cooldown Order

Postby Wrathy » Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:03 am

I'm in total agreement with Jasari...

Potion cooldowns should be used for indestructible potions - the passive armor will provide you with more benefit than the 4k-ish Hp that you are going to get.

I rarely blow my cooldowns outside of the specific type of situation that Jasari outlined. The only time I would blow any of them is if i drop below 20% hp (which rarely happens on anything but progression). On progression specifically, BubbleWall is my go to move, if its on CD, then i LoH myself, but i like to save LoH for other people if it is needed, specifically my healers.
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Re: "Oh No!" Cooldown Order

Postby Florisia » Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:17 am

Yeah. I don't normally use healing pots. I either use indestructibles and a healthstone, or just the indestrucible. I normally don't use it pre-emptively, though. Maybe I should start doing it. If I fall back on Runic healings, it's because I'm either broke, or fighting something that's doing more magic damage than physical. There's probably better potions for that, but I'm cheap.

Sorry. I probably should've been more specific with which potion I use. :P
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Re: "Oh No!" Cooldown Order

Postby theckhd » Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:21 pm

It really depends on the content.

On a fight where I know I have to save cooldowns for pre-scripted events, I tend to save Bubblewall, HoSalv, and possibly trinkets for that. I'll use healthstones or LoH to keep myself alive if I drop too low for comfort.

On a generic boss that has no one-shot abilities I need to worry about? I tend to prioritize:
1) Trinkets (i tend to use dual-stam with two different cooldowns)
2) Bubblewall or HoSalv, depending on how serious the situation was and whether theat was an issue
3) Healthstone/Injectors (if not using Indestructible)
4) LoH

However, I use the first two (Trinkets and Bubblewall) proactively more often than reactively (i.e. in anticipation of the damage rather than as a reaction to being low on health). I usually have an idea when trouble is about to occur; if my healers are alive and kicking, I usually don't need to worry. If my primary healer has just gone down, I know that I need to reduce incoming damage until someone can pick up the slack. So I'll pop those trinkets right away in anticipation, even if I'm at nearly full health.

Depending on the severity, I may pop bubblewall at the same time, especially on fights with more magical damage (where dodge and parry on-use trinkets aren't going to be as helpful). On the other hand, if it's only a mild threat, I might pop one trinket, and then wait to use the other until the first buff is almost expired to stretch out the safety net as long as possible.

The last two (HS/Injectors and LoH) are always used reactively, since they're just health boosts.

One thing I've found that really, really, really helps with cooldown management and coordination is having a good display for them. I had trouble making sure I had the right cooldowns up at precisely the right time on hard-mode Iron Council until I made a change to my UI. I use Elkano's Buff Bars (EBB), so I set up a separate "cooldown-only" group that goes near the center of my screen, a little to the left of my character. I've whitelisted only cooldown-like abilities there (Bubblewall, HoSalv, HoSac, HoP, Divine Shield, all of my trinket proc buffs, Guardian Spirit, and so forth). So I can very quickly tell exactly what cooldowns are currently active (and for how much longer) without having to sift through a very long list of other less critical things.

I don't actually have a separate display to track those cooldowns, because I'm accustomed enough to my UI layout that the bartender / omniCC combination does that well enough already.
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Re: "Oh No!" Cooldown Order

Postby Arnock » Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:29 pm

I generally will pop bubble wall first, and that's usually only when my health drops below 20-30% or I know my healers are out of range/silenced/feared or otherwise unable to heal me.

I usually will pop LoH immediately after an AD proc, and again, only if I know healers are unable to heal me at the moment.
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