Main-tank spec? Ulduar 10 progression / ToC soon

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Main-tank spec? Ulduar 10 progression / ToC soon

Postby etherboy » Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:24 pm

Hi folks,

I am currently the main-tank/raidleader/guildleader (the last two are irrelevant I guess but they make me feel good ;P) for a friends-and-family guild that is slowly progressing through Ulduar-10 (we downed Freya and Mimiron the other night thanks to 3.2 goodness)...

How does this look for a new build: ... obc:pGNzcm

I do let my DK off-tank do some bosses so I can utilise Divine Sacrifice at the moment, but I'm wondering if I should forgo that and grab Reckoning and/or Imp. HoJ instead?

I don't have dual-spec because I am a tank, and I really do not enjoy anything else on my Pally...

However I am trying to formulate new strategies to help the guild get through the more hectic encounters (Hodir, Freya, Mimiron) and one of my thoughts is to use my tanking spec and throw on Holy gear using Divine Sacrifice on the AoE bursts...

What are people's thoughts on taking Divine Sacrifice and leaving out Divine Guardian? I see that the nerf to Sacred Shield has caused a few Tankadins to drop DG...

I hate this kind of thing because I tend to agonise over every little detail, however I have my spec pretty much nailed where I want except for those few points (DS/DG or HoJ or Reckoning?)...

Thanks for enduring my drivel!
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Re: Main-tank spec? Ulduar 10 progression / ToC soon

Postby Corpsicle » Thu Aug 13, 2009 5:59 pm

Your spec looks fine. The three points you are debating in DS/DG, Imp HoJ, or Reckoning are flavor points that you can spend however you want. I'm currently having fun with reckoning, but in a week or two I'll likely respec into Imp HoJ. I took DS/DG for a long time and while I might go back to that, the only thing I miss is the 1 minute long Sacred Shield. Just spend the points on what is most useful to you and your raid - do you have good interrupters? Then Imp HoJ might not be as attractive. Do you have a problem with folks dying to lashers on Freya or Frozen Blows on Hodir? DS might be more attractive then. If you really need the cooldown while MT on something like Hodir, you could consider an aura mastery/imp Lay on Hands build.

You could even consider dual spec and going double prot specs. One with your current build, one with Aura mastery/Imp Lay on hands. Then switch between the two dependent on the encounter. :)
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