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Any advice...

Postby Ailiya » Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:00 pm

[Welcome to the forum - I'm putting some breaks in your wall of text to encourage people to read it - Arcand]

Hi folks,

My characters name is Ailiya , I play a prot paladin on the Bloodhoof US server. char sheet ... f&n=Ailiya. I've been a frequent visitor to the forums here for quite a while, but this is my first time posting, kinda an up a certain type of creek without a paddle type situation. Here is the basics.

I've played a tank since BC, and tanked all fights in BC sans Sunwell. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable to my abilities in game, untill recently that is. The guid I am currently in supposedly hasnt run with a prot paladin in quite awhile ,(so I've been told) thier main tank is a DK and they use a druid as well ill list those char sheets below for comparison.

My issue is lately doing hardmodes in Ulduar Im finding it very difficult to do my job so to speak and aside from making a bad first impression the day I got there (asked to tank on yogg having never seen past freya) I'm tanking behind the 8 ball so to speak, I find it difficult to outthreat the dk who is tanking where before my usual rotations ensured I was top threat before. Bosses are unforgiving and so is trash. Ive been asked not to shield pull (due to an ire over initial threat gen I assume) so as you can imagine there I am single tanking a mobs in Freyas room or throughout the instance.

Tonight we were doing Thorim hardmode, I was asked to taunt at the 10th charge, I was sure to swap Libram prior to taunting but for most fights like that I find my self dead seconds later. Also I was set to the arena, I constantly find myself both out of mana and tabbing through targets not on me even thou Ive dropped a conc early and popped wings for good measure. The plot for trash goes the same way pretty much and other than XT hardmode Im usually asked to sit.

So any advice out there if there is something I can improve gearwise, rotationwise ect to just matter? or is it time to cash it in? I'm cool with Dk's being this patches favorite but I need to know if there is something I'm blatantly missing, or just in the wrong setting with the wrong personalities. I know the latter is hard to guess on atm but if this was the correct forum to post in I will be glad to drop more info to help my conscience out at least lol as the majority of info on this site I hold in high regards.

oh last thing the DK char sheet to give an Idea ... &n=Graevin
any help would be much appreciated and thanks for reading.Im sincerly hoping its something on my end I'm doing as I like this guild a lot.
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Re: Any advice...

Postby ulushnar » Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:53 pm

Urk, use a return key once in a while! It makes your stream of conciousness easier on the brain!

If you're doing the standard 969 there's no gear reason why your threat would suck. If you aren't doing 969, why not?

As for the mana thing, I find divine Plea and blessing of Sanctuary give me plenty of mana to play with, and I'm only doing 10-mans!
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Re: Any advice...

Postby Mert » Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:24 am

Thorim can be hard on your mana due to the initial pull with the Jormungar. I find that if I pop Divine Plea just before picking up the adds (or DK usually takes the Wyrm) I can have it off cooldown just in time for the first set of adds to come streaming into the arena. It dips pretty low during the first pull though, definitely.

It sounds as though your guild is pretty experienced so you may have already heard this, but if you position yourself so that the two tanks are just outside of the circle in the arena and are closest to Thorim out of your entire raid, you'll find that the mobs run toward your Consecration. Ask your guild to seperate the gauntlet team into a seperate group so that you can know who's in the arena with you at a glance and be ready with an RD when it looks like one's in trouble - nothing's more embarassing than realising you're trying to RD someone who's upstairs in the gauntlet, heh.

Your gear is very good so I doubt very much that's the issue, but in terms of rotation you should have no issues with threat if you're doing 969. I'm not sure why they've asked you not to use Avenger's Shield to pull aside from maybe certain mobs where the slowing affect might cause a problem for the DPS.

As for making an impression, I know nothing beats raw experience of an encounter but you should make it your business to always research bosses you may be facing ahead of time - watch the videos on Tankspot and StratFu, read the strategies on WoWwiki, Ensidia's site and so on. Sure you can only ever be so prepared, but the more you show them you've learned outside of the raid time, the more they'll be happy to explain the little bits that may be specific to the way they do it.

Good luck anyway and don't let a bad first day get to you as we all have days where we do something silly. If it makes you feel any better, on my first ever raid, I used Righteous Defense on one of the adds on Kel'Thuzad when I saw it going toward the MT and ended up with a face full of KT as well.

And to show it's not just first day nerves, the other day we were attempting Undying but the orbs on Instructor bugged out leading to one of the adds dying. Then in a true stroke of genius I thought I'd try and keep the remaining one up by using Hand of Protection. Cue wipeage :lol:
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Re: Any advice...

Postby Soralin » Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:40 pm

I've been in a similar position to you, I transferred from my previous guild/server to a new guild/server whose main is a very well geared DK (similar to yours, just as my gear is similar to yours) and on single targets I find it quite difficult to outthreat him. Well geared blood tanks do quite significant single target and even dual target threat due to the Heart Strike cleave.

I find it quite difficult to pull aoe threat from this DK unless I am deliberately trying to do it - Death and Decay is superior threat to Consecrate, combine it with pestilence/bloodboils and its quite difficult to pull mobs off him in large aoe pack situations without some creative HOTR/AS usage. Keep in mind thoughh, a relatively significant amount of threat will come from mobs beating on you and either taking HS damage or Ret Aura damage (if not block capped) so once the mob is on you, it generally stays there.

If you are seriously worried about keeping up with the DK on threat I'd recommend investing in a little more hit gear (your armory shows 124 of 229 cap (since you're a draenei)) and picking up a little more expertise so you're closer to the soft cap for that too (with SoV Glyph you're at 18/26), although expertise is slightly less important. Hit and Expertise isn't hugely important when you're just trying to outthreat dps since their TPS isn't as high, but when trying to keep up with other tanks, every little bit counts, and a missed shield slam can make quite a significant difference, especially at the beginning of a fight.

With all that said, the end of the day tanking raids is a team effort and while its easy to lose track of that and "compete" for mobs in trash packs etc, it might just be easier for you to have a chat to him/her beforehand and work out who will be tanking what, etc, so you can focus on your own targets rather than fighting for threat for 1-2 mobs while there are other mobs in the pack that aren't being as focussed.

As for mana at Thorim, I don't need to use DP for the first part of the arena, but once the initial adds are dead, I pop Divine Plea when the first add lands and it stays up for the entire fight without me having to think about it. You do have BoSanctuary on you for the fight don't you?

EDIT: Get rid of the terrible consecration libram too, and pick up either the one from Heroism Badges or the one from Vezax25. That's a significant threat boost to ShoR right there.
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