VERY BASIC tanking know-how?

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Re: VERY BASIC tanking know-how?

Postby phaqueue » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:13 am

My biggest piece of advice is this... and here it's more preaching to the choir...

There is always someone who knows more than you - or can give you advice - TAKE IT

"Mankind is alone in it's ability to learn from the experiences of others, and also in it's apparent disinclination to do so."
-Douglas Adams

I don't know how many times I've run pug raids with another tankadin and said something along the lines of "why are you using this? try this sometime I've found it to be more threat/survivability/whatever" and gotten basically "fuck you - I know how to tank just fine scrub"

if someone is willing to give you advice - try it - the worst that can happen is it fails and you go back to your old way... but more often than not- you find a better way of doing things and improve...

don't be afraid to fail... I vastly over gear heroics... and I've still wiped because of trying (some would think) stupid things... but it's how you learn... how will you know your limits if you never test them?

also - I've found that people in pugs, especially heroics are far to quick to call a wipe... there are many times I've pulled a full group, had the healer die to something random right at the start, and survived then rezzed the healer, who has released because "I thought we were wiping - how did you do that without a healer?"

don't forget you have cooldowns... LoH, Bubblewall, trinkets, etc - this took me a long time - I was always saving them for "some other time when they were needed" they will come back - use them when you need them NOW
"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -Douglas Adams
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Re: VERY BASIC tanking know-how?

Postby JU1CYFRU1T » Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:35 pm

Chronotriggerjm wrote:Another frustration encountered over the weekend!!!

We wiped in VIOLET HOLD because our tank couldn't "kite" the boss with the pink orbs :/

I explained to him, "It's super easy, one of the easiest ways to kite a monster, is to basically hold the "s" key and use your mouse to click abilities, don't get too far from the boss, but try to stay moving." And I guess that was a major shock to his system, and he wiped, again. Is there some other universal fact that I'm not remembering? Kiting is pretty easy as far as I recall :/ I NEVER use the mouse to click anything in my normal rotation (I play using the two mouse buttons to move, and my fingers rest on 1-4) so maybe because I'm used to mouse work, panning my character around halls and stuff is easy. Is there a better way to do so for wasd users?

If they are a keyboard turner (gasp... I used to be one of those), have them use their THUMB to hold down the S key... or they can strafe (but if they can't figure out how to walk backwards... strafing is probably out).

You don't have ANY reason to jump in that fight, and using their tumb to back up will keep all four fingers free to key-press. I, personally, bound "s" to one of my mouse buttons, so I can click to walk in either direction. I will say this though. As a former keyboard-turner, the hardest thing to do when backing up is turn in the correct direction (at first). It takes some getting used to... and if they are ultra-nub, I can guarantee that they don't practice these kind of things on a regular basis (*read* never).

I am a n00b to tanking (only been tanking for ~2 months... if that). To the "I got this" crowd... I think it is important that your group knows you are confident, but you don't have to be cocky or pompous to show that you can tank something. It is always better to let people know BEFORE you start an instance that you are new, rather than getting a "double-hearth" after your first wipe. You don't want to talk about how great you are, and then wipe on trash in the first pull. (/use hearthstone /ignore). If you tell your group that you are not familiar with the encounter, they will tend to be more forgiving of wipes and stupid mistakes. (UP... "no really... run to the end of the gauntlet WITHOUT STOPPING") simple things like that.
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Re: VERY BASIC tanking know-how?

Postby Vigdis » Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:47 pm

Good thread!

I feel like I've been growing up in a protective bubble :lol: since I learned tanking from very forgiving and friendly guildmates. At first keeping 969 up and keeping track on what the group was doing was very hard, but after a while you start to learn the rythm of tanking and start building up confidence in your healer (if youre lucky enough to have the same ones often).

A little honesty usually does it for me. I tell people that if you have advice to give, I'm open for it, since I'm relatively fresh at tanking. Then, on the other side, I have some friends (who obviously outgear me) who tells me, but in other words, to grow some balls and just tank it. Both paths are right, in measured doses.

Keep decursive up and help decursing if you have aggro enough to lighten up on 969. Keep a good supply of mana pots. Be cheerful! Do your homework etc

What pisses me off the most is trying to position myself to have all mobs in front of me. Usually there's that odd Vrykul or pissy Iron Dwarf who just insists on moving to my back when i try to move into a better position.

Question: When we're talking about having mobs in "front of me" is that a 180 degree arc?

Thanks again for a great thread!
Vigdis - 80 paladin, currently on welfare epics, Bloodhoof EU
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