Unbuffed health at 80

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Unbuffed health at 80

Postby Trilynne » Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:48 pm

As a fresh 80 who picked up tanking quest rewards and the blacksmithing craftables, what seems to be the average health of most tankadins? How about after hitting the uncritable point?

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find the answer if it was. >.>
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Postby Kelarik » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:56 pm

I was 21k unbuffed when I hit 80, and just after hitting uncrittable I had 24k. Though, I'm an Engineer and had the tanking goggles before I hit 80, and I have 2 +81 stamina engineering trinkets.
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Postby HinataDestiny » Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:21 pm

im at 23.6k unbuffed in all crafted gear...but a JC with 2 +61 stam trinkets and the crafted ring with +24 more in there
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Postby dornstar » Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:13 am

I JUST hit 80 and I have 21,064 health as well as 22,631 armor and 525 def.
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Postby KysenMurrin » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:36 am

21.4k when I dinged, with quest rewards, couple rep reward pieces (boots, cloak, legs), the rest BS crafted and socketed; also 2x41 stam JC gems + Monarch crab. Upgrading to Frosthide armor and AC Arcanum put me at 21.7k. My boots aren't enchanted yet, so I'm missing some.

I was at 536 defence when I dinged, 539 when I got the Arcanum, but then I realised I was still at 394 base def; once it's maxed out I'll have 545.
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Postby amh » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:41 am

I did that aswell :( 541 def, then i started getting skillups..
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Postby Mozen » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:49 am

I was actually at 19k when I hit 80. Managed to get up to 20k after uncrit. Then with the JC crab and some enchants I got to 22k. (I also have mining maxed out.)

This is with no instance drops, basically just quest blues, rep blues and boe blues. So I suppose people with 24k unbuffed most probably have some regular, and perhaps even heroic, instance drops? Or perhaps some epic craftables?
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Postby ARogers » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:53 am

I was 19.6k. My trinkets were lacking though. 51stam DMC trinket + an AP trinket!
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Postby Ayka » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:40 am

I believe when I fresh dinged 80, I was at around 21k Health, and not near the defense cap.

At the defense cap, I was around 24k Health.

Now, I'm at 27k Unbuffed and Defense Capped.
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Postby bigspanky123 » Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:17 am

I was unfortunately @ 17.8k hp afteri dingged 80, After dinging i switch out a neck peice i recieved (lvl 80) also guildie made me the titan steel shield,
other than that i am in pretty much quest rewards/crafted blues

my trinkets are not good, i did not plan on being prot so when i was asked to respec from ret i had all DPS related gear. my trinkets have no stam or anything that i actually need,

so in turn my HP reflects this.
I have no stam enchants at all, none of my gear is socketable so no gems, i think i have chest enchant to def.

def at 546 so i am uncrittable atleast. i play off tank now until i am able to get my HP up enough
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Postby Arcand » Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:34 am

Just hit 80 last night. (This morning.) Uncrittable, have been since level 78. After equipping my level 80 toys, I think I was at 21.4.
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Postby Sarutankah » Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:43 am

I been healing but in my rep gear and some lower level tank stuff I'm at just on 20k with just the stam armour kits. Only respecced prot last night and am missing 20 defense before 540.

I must say - people are fucktards...

I healed two heroics with tanks that only had 460 ish defense, crits everywhere. :shock:

Omg though - picked up the emblem libram... 4k+ SOR crits? Hell yeah lol.
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Postby Taylia » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:18 pm

Just think. 4k is just the beginning.
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Postby Veilan » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:56 pm

Bout 23k when I hit a comfortably reliable uncrit number.
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Postby Ashmadai » Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:59 am

My HP was about 20k flat unbuffed when I first hit 80 in all my ghetto BS BoEs and what not. Now that I've lived in heroics for about 10 days and dropped Engineering for Leatherworking, I'm at about 25k Unbuffed heading into my first Naxx tonight, along with 50% pure avoidance. =D
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