Tankadin Popping a Ret Cherry

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Tankadin Popping a Ret Cherry

Postby Morlin » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:58 am


I have been a tankadin for my whole life from lvl 1-70. I never got a chance to raid, but I really am looking forward to it now. I decided to spec Ret for leveling 70-80, and this is the build I'm considering:

Protection (5 points)

5/5 Divine Strength

Retribution (56 points)

5/5 Benediction
2/2 Improved Judgements
3/3 Heart of the Crusader
2/2 Improved Blessing of Might
5/5 Conviction
1/1 Seal of Command
2/2 Pursuit of Justice
3/3 Sanctified Seals
3/3 Crusade
3/3 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization
1/1 Sanctified Retribution
3/3 Vengeance
2/2 Improved Retribution Aura
2/2 The Art of War
1/1 Repentance
3/3 Judgements of the Wise
5/5 Fanaticism
2/2 Sanctified Wrath
3/3 Swift Retribution
1/1 Crusader Strike
3/3 Sheath of Light
1/1 Divine Storm

I have depended heavily on mods in the past, specifically MazzleUI and WAU. Of course, for the first couple months after a new patch, MazzleUI is unusable, and now WAU is no longer available. So the first solution I need is a UI overhaul. I am a mod junkie!

Next, I'm wondering which starting zone in Northrend would be best. Are most people going to stick with one or the other, or split time between the two? I have used Brian Kopp's leveling guide in the past (torrents=free!), but have been unable to find it available anywhere yet, other than his official site ($50 is definitely not worth it).

Finally, I am basically all in tank gear. I had been getting geared and attuned to start Kara, and my gear, according to Be Imba!, would have been sufficient to start taking on Kara. So, should I just stick with my gear and pick up a 2H? I'm sorry my armory is unavailable...I haven't logged in for a while, and haven't added my game card yet. But I've basically got spell damage gems and stam gems in my sockets, on basically all gear that was generally considered to be great for beginning to raid.

So should I be focusing on questing, interspersed with instances? Or should I skip instances and just do quests? Should I bother leveling up my blacksmithing (I'm still at 360)? Sorry for all the questions! I haven't really played for a few months so I'm not entirely up to speed with the latest patch and its accompanying expansion. I'd really like to experience end-game content sometime in this lifetime. lol... Thank you for any help! :D
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Postby phaqueue » Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:18 am

ok - here's what I have so far...

I played around with talent specs a bit - and came up with what I think will work well for leveling ret...

armory Phaqueue on Magtheridon-US for the spec (forget it off the top of my head and I"m at work -so I can't link :( )

The only thing I really think needs explanation is the not taking the DoT talent... IMO - this just isn't that useful for leveling - most of the mobs I've fought when I had the talent didn't last long enough for it to even tick halfway off... so no point in picking it up at 70...

as far as where to go? up to you - figure out where on your server will be less crowded... then try your best to get ahead of people... the faster you get to the zones ahead of people - the less people you will have to deal with...

as far as instance vs quests... quests will tend to be worth more XP/hour... but this is up to you - if you're trying to power your way to 80... quests ahoy... if you want to relax with friends... do it...

as far as your gear... my suggestion is to pick up a random 2-hander and all the blue PVP gear from rep for ret spec.... it will work just fine till you replace it with quest/instance gear...

hope it helps... if you want some more advice... feel free to drop me a PM - or IM me (fearwardbot@aim.com)
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