uncrushable question

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uncrushable question

Postby kaldarom » Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:22 pm

hello, i'm rather confused about how you calc your uncrushability

here: (http://www.failsafedesign.com/maintanka ... .php?t=163) this was stated
It's worth noting that the Miss rate is located on the mouseover window of your Defense. Add 5 (for the mob's base miss rate) and that's your Miss. Add that to your listed Dodge/Parry/Block and if the result is 67.4 (72.4 without the Libram) you are "UNCRUSHABLE." Which is our goal

NOW, this confused me, as i have the tankadin addon, and it shows i have 32.85% avoidance, and a 12.91% block, now do i add the 5% base mob miss chance onto that giving me, 50.76% block\miss\parry\dodge? then do i add on redoubt and holy shield making that 110.76%?

now all of that said and done, another thing that confuses me is that i ahve 110.76% uncrushability assuming redoubt proced, and i only have 459 defense, where i hear that 490 is a must.....

which leads me to another thing that has confused me, does having 490+ defense instantly make you uncrushable with holy shield, or without?

lol thanks for clearing this up for me, im so lost /sigh

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Postby Shamora » Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:33 pm

The tankadin addon should already include the miss chance in avoidance. If you aren't sure then just do it manually:

(From your armory)
5.00% - Base Miss
4.08% - Miss from defense
10.97% - Dodge
14.93% - Parry
12.63% - Block

34.98% avoidance and 12.63% Block or 47.61% crush avoidance. With holy shield that puts you at 77.61% towards the magic 102.4%. You never count redoubt in the total since you can never be sure it will be up when you need it to be.

As for defense getting to 490 only makes you uncritable. But such a high defense also increases Miss/Dodge/Parry/Block and makes it much easier to get the 102.4 crush avoidance.
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Postby Janduin » Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:34 pm

Where to begin :)

Tankadin addon avoidance calculation includes miss, iirc. You don't add it on top. By the way, the tankadin addon does the crushable calculation for you. If you hit your Holy Shield Key and see +some percent in green next to % Crushing on whatever then you are good.

You don't add redoubt, it's not reliable. You need to be uncrushable without redoubt. Redoubt is basically an aoe-tanking talent.

490 defense makes you, under normal circumstances, unCRITable. It is a must. Uncrushable is miss/dodge/parry/block = 102.4%. You will want both to effectively raid tank.
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Postby kaldarom » Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:55 pm

yeah i knew all of that, but i had no idea what it included\how it added it up, and thanks to you guys for clearing it up, so i have like a 23% chance to e crushed ^.^ thanks

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