[Heroic Faction Champs 25]Help needed with weak raid comp

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[Heroic Faction Champs 25]Help needed with weak raid comp

Postby Magnusharkov » Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:26 pm

Hey guys, my guild just spent the last week making some progress in Toc25 hard modes but we have now hit FC, which seems to be a complete brick wall. Now obviously we need practice but I feel that one of the reasons we are struggling is due to our raid comp which feels a lot less than ideal for this fight.

Tonight we went in with the following
1 Prot Warr
1 Fury Warr who went prot for interrupts
2 Prot paladins, 1 went ret for more dps
2 Ret paladins (3 total)
1 Enhance shaman
0 Rogues
0 DKs
3 Mages
3 Locks
2 Spriests
2 Hunters
1 Ele shaman
1 Holy pally
1 Disc priest
2 Holy priests
2 Resto Shamans
1 Resto druid who spent most of his time cycloning/rooting

We were against
Disc priest
Holy pally
Restom shaman

So after that boring list you may be able to see what the problem was we ran into. We couldn't remotely find a way of effectively locking out the healers and we were entirely unable to outDPS their healing if we went for a nuke the DPS (rogue) first tactic.

We experimented with putting some DPS on the hunter pet so that a lot of the healers attentions went onto that instead. In the end we shoved a prot warrior on the priest healer and shaman healer and shoved the enhance shaman on the holy pally. This was no where near enough to stop the heals from coming though.

We swapped the kill target to the priest first which had some success, we were able to kill him then 2 others before wiping. The issue was that by the time the priest was down we had lost 3 or 4 raid members to random instagibs and were facing an uphill battle.

Has anyone got any tips for a raid comp for a guild which is light on all melee classes (apart from ret paladins)? I've heard of tips like take 3 or 4 druids and have them spam cyclones and also get your DKs to go frost for aoe crowd control and death grips/slows. The problem is we don't really have access to that stuff with our current raid roster.
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Re: [Heroic Faction Champs 25]Help needed with weak raid comp

Postby Belloc » Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:33 pm

I've posted this in every faction champions thread I've seen, but I'll post it again.

Put all of your pets on one of their pets (the cat). Put one of your DPS on the cat (Usually, I respec ret and I am the cat DPSer). Now, as long as you're putting constant damage on the cat, the healers will not touch the kill target until it reaches a lower health than the cat (basically, under 200k).

At that point, you either out DPS the heals, or you quickly CC the heals. We just banish the druid and burn through the other healing for 200k damage. It's not hard at all.

As a ret paladin, I am able to taunt the pet (until DR kicks in) and stun it if it runs for someone. Putting our pets on the cat causes it to constantly be getting hit, off-setting the HoT ticks on it.

So, there's your healing problem gone. Now it's all about kiting or CCing the mobs that can kill you. We used slows, but I won't suggest one way or another. Good luck!
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