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Re: [h.10]Anub'arak

Postby Rhohirem » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:19 am

This weekend, my guild attmepted the "one burrow" strategy. Our group composition was as follows...

Marksman Hunter
Enhancement Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Unholy Deathknight
Destro Warlock
Prot Paladin
Prot Warrior
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid

We have failed previous weeks at getting anub down due to being functionally retarded in kiting the spikes while being able to get the smaller scarabs down. The one burrow strategy seemed to cater to us moreso.

We started the fight by bringing down 2 orbs, and during the 1st burrow phase the hunter brought down 2 more. At 10 seconds until dig we moved the boss to the rear center of the room - he was at roughly 55-60%. During the borrow i assigned dps in groups of 2's to burn down targets together to make it much faster than someone single targeting down adds. When anub came up - we waited for adds to get to position and blew heroism to burn down the 2 adds that were up and then focused dps on the boss. Next adds came up after anub was already in leeching phase - we had our offtank hold the adds and burnt anub down. Lost both healers at 3% but fortunately had sheild wall up still - popped shield wall and watched him go down. 49 Attempts left due to a bad first pull on anub. Almost had the horses damn it.

The "dps requirement" was a lot lower than i thought it would be. Our destro warlock has been having quite a bit of trouble figuring out why his DPS is low, he was only pulling around 4400 dps, Spriest was at about 5k, rest of the DPS were at around 6k+.
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