[10] Algalon - Phase Punch question

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[10] Algalon - Phase Punch question

Postby M.C. » Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:04 am

Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere on these forums -- if so, I could not find it.

Suppose the tank takes the fifth phase punch and gets ported out for the next 10 seconds. Here's a simple question: what happens to the phase punch debuff when the tank returns from the wormhole? Is it gone? Or will it continue ticking its full duration (45 sec)?

I haven't done the fight myself (yet!), but if my understanding of Wowhead data is correct, the 5-stack is replaced by the 10 second debuff the moment you get teleported. Could someone with the actual experience confirm this?

Now... why am I asking? I am thinking about the following:

00:00 The encounter begins. Algalon is on tank #1.
00:15 Phase punch #1
00:30 Phase punch #2
00:45 Phase punch #3
01:00 Phase punch #4
01:05 Tank #2 taunts, then tank #1 taunts back immediately
01:15 Phase punch #5, tank #1 is phased out, tank #2 has enough agro
01:25 Tank #1 returns
01:30 Phase punch #6 - one stack on tank #2. Algalon starts casting Big Bang
01:38 Big Bang is cast. Tank #1 taunts. He has no Phase Punch stacks on him
01:45 Phase punch #7...

And so on. The goal of this exercise is to maximize tanking time for tank #1 (a paladin with the appropriate gear) instead of tank #2 (a druid who might be a bit more difficult to keep alive).

Do you guys think this will work? And if not, why? I mean, I am not opposed to use a 3-3 rotation, I am just trying to come up with something relatively uncomplicated that will save our healers some grief.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. :D
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Re: [10] Algalon - Phase Punch question

Postby Anorian » Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:12 am

Fairly sure it could work, afaik the buff only lasts 10 seconds, be aware that aggro is reset on phasing so if you don't taunt with big bang you wont have a big threat lead, not that aggro is an issue with his attack speed but just keep it in mind.

And btw the difference in dmg taken between druids and paladins is quite huge here so its actually not a bad idea.
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