[10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

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[10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby Bladeheart » Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:09 pm

Our raid group managed to get the algalon discs last 2 weeks from medium mode IC. We managed to down Hodir and Thorim Hard Mode last week and we attempted doing Freya last night. Sadly we always have problems on certain parts of the adds, most noticeably the lashers, and quite a bit on the Snap/Storm/Water Elem (usually its a bad charge from the water elem + ground slam).

One of the people suggested we try mimiron, in it's current state is it easier than freya +3? Would this be a good idea?

If freya is more manageable, any tips on handling the adds? For the 3 stooges its me(tanking) and a fury warrior on stormlasher, Feral OT and mage on Water Elem, 2 Hunters and Lock on Snap. Pretty much no problem unless there's a bad Charge and Slam.

Detonating Lashers is another thing. AOE till 20-30% Then the druid AoE taunts then moves the adds away from the raid. Our lock then casts shadowfury and try AoE'ing them to death. Ideally it should work, but almost always one guy will die and the attrition would then turn the fight against us.

Some of the ideas I was thinking post fight that might help:

Make the drood DPS, and the Warrior OT. (AoE Taunt -> Shockwave) First batch of lashers
2nd batch let the warr tank freya during that wave, I pop Bubble and Divine Sac after AoE to 20%.

Any other suggestions? Tips?

We ran a group of:

Prot Pally
Feral OT
2 Hunters
2 Priests
Resto Shammy

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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby pulexirae » Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:58 pm

1 tank 3 healers, don't get tricky with the lashers, just aoe them all to 20% then spread out and single target them down...stop dps completely if a tremor is coming or if someone spikes low.
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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby kram » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:50 pm

Freya is easier then Mimiron imo, especially if you're having people die on Freya due to heals.

You can even aoe to 50% and spread out, theres plenty of time to go through and single target them down on 10 man. You should only need one tank and anywhere from 1-3 healers depending on how low you see people get or keep having someone die (gibs on 10m dont really happen since tremor isnt a huge amount of damage).

Also don't forget you can basically remove every single root with freedom since 3.2. You can also stun the 3 packs and It can help with raid damage if you HoJ storm or water as tremor is casting.
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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby fafhrd » Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:58 pm

If you have a bit of 25 man gear, freya hard on 10 is wildly easier than mimi hard on 10 imo. Like, no comparison at all, you can steamroll freya just by outgearing it slightly. Mim still has a fair few ways for people to wipe.
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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby Ruull » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:54 am

War OT works best for this fight.

Basically we set the waves up like this:

At the start of this phase save AS and throw it at the eles, gives an initial snare so the snap isn't dangerous at all.
I tank freya + storm
War tanks water (they can lock it down completely should never charge)
Hunters + whatever range kite snap

Everyone stacks up until beams (we shift east always but direction is up to you). Make sure you're taunting Freya till she goes immune during this stage then the war can ae taunt. We keep freya in place and run the detonators north war will SW them and then Ae can kick in. For safety he can just intervene back to someone etc either way they should go down really quickly on 10.

For the second batch of detonators if they come before the war's ae taunt is back up you can have the druid do it (can be in dps gear) just make sure you've sent freya taunt immune. War just runs with him and SWs like normal.

If the detonators for some reason don't die you can just divine sac + divine prot in 10 its really not enough to kill you.

Nothing really fancy here just tank and spank on 10 its a total joke.

Anyhow hope that helps.
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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby Treck » Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:00 am

Freya HM in 10man is a LOT easier than mimiron. Only thing you could have problems with is dpsing down the tripleadds uneven, rest is really a cake walk. We run 1 tank 2 healers, but 1tank 3 healers are prolyl better if your progressing and having trouble with it. Personally it feels lots easier with one tank, just have an interrupter on the waterspirit. I tank the snaplasher at the same time, then when were switching do a few spells on it, stunn and run around and kite it, it should be dead before it reaches you again, if it ever should.
During lashers we just stack up, aoe a bit spread out and kill them slowly. Usually having 30sec left on that way after the aoe.
Mimiron is still complex fight in itself (as in much to think about), with hardmode being fires, waterbombs and extinguishers aswell.
So prolly best trying mimiron after freya+3 is dead.
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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby Koatanga » Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:22 am

We run with 1 pally tank (me), 1 OT (varies), and 3 heals. The weakest tank keeps Freya entertained. The stronger tank picks up the adds (usually me).

Detonators: AOE to abotu 50%, then swap to single target, just as others have said. Stop DPS when there's tremor.

Conservitor: Tank and spank.

Elementals: Simple macro to target the water ele and cast Captain America picks them all up, then I tank them all. We kill Water to 50%, then Storm to 25% (splash damage should have Water at or near 25% by now), then Lasher until dead. Finish Storm, finish Water.

Once you get them down, it's a simple fight.

We only got Firefighter this week. It is a bit more difficult, in my opinion, due to the coordinated movement required.
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Re: [10] Hard Mode Freya or Harde Mode Mimi?

Postby Belloc » Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:08 pm

The way we usually do the 3 add pack is to have melee bring storm lasher to 30%, ranged bring water elemental to 30%, and both groups switch to snaplasher when their add is at 30%. Once DPS is on Snap, I stun it and move away. It will eventually be so slow that it cannot catch up to you.

Also, I usually handle tanking the 3 adds myself. OT handles Freya, I solo tank the 3 adds (Avenger's Shield, HotR, ShoR random targets, judge random targets, consecrate, etc.

10 add pack = everyone group up on Freya, aoe to 20-30% and then spread out in a circle. Be mindful of ground tremors. If the adds are spread out, their explosions won't hit the entire raid. If you see 3 people clumped in one spot, tell them to spread out more. Alternatively, a frost mage can keep the adds rooted in one place (aoe to 20-30%, stop aoe entirely, frost nova, spread out, resume aoe, water elemental ranged frost nova, adds are dead).

Ancient Conservator = Move when a beam of light appears on you.

Other notes:
Don't let trees grow fully.
Bring 3 healers.
If someone dies early, you're going to run into trouble. If more than one person dies, might as well reset.
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