[25] Thorim, Our Brick Wall (Please Help)

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Re: [25] Thorim, Our Brick Wall (Please Help)

Postby Mysticknight » Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:34 pm

That looks like the problem there u have only warrior and a shammy on evokers. everyone in the arena needs to have a /tar dark runed evoker shammy need to purge asap u can even have that shammy on purge duty. Kill order Dark Rune Evokers > Dark Rune Warbringers > Dark Rune Champions u should never have more then one dark runed champions at a time, we have one tank that will always pick up and keep it on the left side of the circle in the midle so this way melee always stays on the right side and when a champion is up u switch and burn it b4 ww happens. so Dark Run Evoker get purged asap and burn down everyone should be staying in that circle. that should allow you to do arena super easy
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Re: [25] Thorim, Our Brick Wall (Please Help)

Postby Stormwarden » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:30 am

Belloc wrote:After the first miniboss dies, you have some choices to make.

Here's what I do:

Pull the first two mobs with exorcism and do not allow anyone to enter the hallway (basically, don't cross the door threshold). If they do, they will pull the 2 mobs on the stairs. You want to kill the first two mobs and then pull the 2 stair mobs. Sheep the guard on the stairs and burn down the acolyte. When i say burn down, I mean... pull it, get initial threat, stun it, and run up to pull the next miniboss. If you this fast enough, you won't spawn any additional adds. If you manage to spawn a guard, then just tank it and shield wall until it's dead.

Once the second miniboss is dead, kill the sheep and start phase 2.

Adding another tank will do nothing for you, to be honest. You're wiping because people are screwing up. You can either gimp yourself with another tank or you can fix the problem with DPS getting themselves killed.

I'll repeat: No one should cross the door threshold after the first miniboss. This includes hunter and warlock pets. If you pull all 4 mobs, you're bound to have someone die or waste a ton of time from adds healing.

We're struggling with both surviving in the arena as well as clearing the gauntlet quickly. I'm in the gauntlet so far, and the leader is insisting on sheeping both acolytes, getting aggro on the guards and running straight up to the 2nd miniboss.

The problem we're running into is that we have potentially 5 mobs in the fight at once, 2 acolytes, 2 guards and the miniboss. Invariably the acolytes get a heal or 2 off and it just makes the fight go longer than I think it should have to.

Can anyone verify for me that the method outlined above works to get the 2nd miniboss killed without more dwarves being spawned? I'd like to try it, but the folks who were there in the gauntlet the first time we ran Thorim 25 insist that dwaves start spawning as soon as you pull the first 2 mobs past the first miniboss. It's possible that their dps was too low and they didn't kill those first 2 dwarves and then the 2nd acolyte quickly enough.
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Re: [25] Thorim, Our Brick Wall (Please Help)

Postby PsiVen » Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:06 pm

You should never be sheeping anything. The tank in the tunnel should be picking up the melee guys and the Acolyte should be dead before it gets close enough to attack anyone. Nobody should be fighting the tank for aggro on the melee guys until the Acolytes are dead. The golden rule is KILL ACOLYTES.

What exactly I do tanking the tunnel:
- Pick up the first 3 set. Let the acolyte run off if someone pulls aggro, taunt if they pull aggro on a melee. As soon as one is about to die, stun the other and pick up the next set. (DPS kill it and then move on to the new acolyte)
- Repeat: acolyte can run off, melee dwarves can't. Stun won't be up this time, so just run to the miniboss.
- Tank the miniboss with my back to the door, giving the ranged a couple seconds to run up before I pick up the next set.
- Grab them with HotR, tag the new mobs as they come in. Everyone focuses down the acolytes. As soon as the 2nd acolyte is almost dead, AS snare the remaining and run up the stairs to tag the miniboss. Stand at the edge of the stairs so the healers can still reach me while the ranged finish the adds below, then everyone moves up.
- If there's an add, kill it first, then the next guy. Typically a druid healer sprints to tag Thorim when the door opens.

If I do it just right, we get no adds on the last miniboss and trigger hardmode with plenty of time. If I'm not confident in my threat on the dwarves before snaring them and running off, I stick around longer and we get an acolyte to kill first. Either way we have a solid 30 seconds to spare unless someone screwed up.
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