[10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Kishandra » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:15 pm

Just to play devil's advocate - are you sure that it's an npc spell?

I solo Geddon every week, and I guarantee you living bomb crits, and crits often (I have ~35% spellcrit on my paladin.) If gravity bomb is from the player and not XT (or even if it was another player killing the mage), then there's a distinct possibility of the spell critting.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Belloc » Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:40 pm

Faro wrote:
moduspwnens wrote:
Doloth wrote:When we did this achievement, we had a problem with our mages dying to gravity bomb. Sometimes people would die to a gravity bomb hitting during a tantrum, but you can't help that and it is healable. Our big problem was that one mage once had gravity bomb crit him for 22k. It one-shot him. There was no tantrum, no light bomb or life spark. He just got gravity bomb, ran out of the raid, and then died. He digged through his combat log and showed that gravity bomb had crit him for 22000 shadow damage.

Yes, this is 10-man, so I am wondering, how the hell to survive that? Stack enough stam so you have over 22k hp on every dps? I'm assuming this is after resists, but I may have to double check that shadow protection is up this next time.

NPC spells can't crit.

Your mage is either lieing or exaggerating.

Keep in mind that many abilities like Gravity Bomb function as a player spell and not as a boss spell. In other words, "Belloc's Gravity Bomb hits Faro for 10,000 shadow damage."

If that's the case, then crits are possible.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Faro » Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:57 pm

Belloc wrote:
Keep in mind that many abilities like Gravity Bomb function as a player spell and not as a boss spell. In other words, "Belloc's Gravity Bomb hits Faro for 10,000 shadow damage."

If that's the case, then crits are possible.

I considered that, but after going over all of my WWS parses I'm never seeing gravity bomb crit.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Dem » Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:28 pm

We use two tanks. One for boss, one for sparks.

Nuke heart down, if big adds spawn, pick up and nuke down. Clear up small adds.

Gravity bombs move left. Light Bombs move right.

Add tank pick up sparks on right - tank and 1 or 2 ranged dps nuke spark as they damage the raid.

Pallies help to soak raid damage.

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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Lolpaladins » Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:19 am

What we used:

Bear tank for XT although any tank would work
Dps-specced dk for offtanking sparks

1 Paladin Healer (myself-Melee'ing with SoW) Pretty much chaining Holy Lights on the MT 3 more melee. Massive amounts of healing and mana regen.
1 Priest healer (guild leader's alt) (raid healing) w/ 4 more ranged dps. (hunter/mage/shadowpriest/shaman)

We had 2 Feral druids (one full time kitty on the boss) and our bear tank. The bear shifted out once to innervate during a tantrum and again to battlerez once.

Elemental Shaman was poorly geared heroic gear mostly and a shadow priest who were directed to help out on healing every single tantrum and whenever they saw anyone below 50% life.

Our shaman died twice - ahnked and then later on died again, and was battlerezzed, and our rogue got killed by a bad combo of multiple sources of damage (tantrum/spark) around 15%

To the person who posted that they did it with 3 healers and 2 tanks, I bow before your dps'ers they are truly some bestial players to be able to kill the heart in time.

And about sparks, we stressed that EVERYONE burn them as fast as possible (including our melee) (even though the kitty never once switched off the boss it wasn't really a problem)
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Avengeance » Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:46 pm

We went 1 tank 2 healer (sometimes 3 healers depends on setup). The healing is not as demanding as one may think. Adds dont even need to be tanked if you have melee - they die too fast to do much harm. Usually i get the light bomb person to stand near me (MT), I taunt add + exor or AS - it will make enough aggro for the 2 melee to kill it before the add even aggros another person.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Diocaska » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:36 am

The HP and damage nerfs really changed this fight. We were working to about 30% or something pre-nerf.

Post Nerf, we run with what probably isn't an optimal group, but one we just try clear as much as we can with. For XT we used the following on our last couple of kills:
1x tank
2x ranged "spark" killers
2x healers
5x boss dps

We push XT into hard mode, then the two ranged switch to killing any bombs, then the dps all shift to pummlers, one at a time. We then have everyone focus on the boss. When I call out "spark", ranged switch to the spark. I use the following Macro,
/tar life /cast righteous defense

I then proceed to exocism it, or Avengers shield. I hand of Reckoning it if a dps pulls off me early. Threat on XT is fine enough if you've been keeping up your rotation on it to give room to deal with the spark. Note: The Spark appears after the Lightbomb has gone through its full duriation, and appears next to that player that had the bomb.

We blow Heroism after during first tantrum in Hard mode, thus to finish off adds, and give healers a bit of extra healing haste.

We could make it more efficient and run more ranged dps than we do, as it'd prevent extra lightbomb damage around the melee, and help with spark dps, so if anyones struggling with either of those two then I believe that'd help, but as long as you're taunting as soon as the sparks up (thus preventing spark rape on people), or even spam clicking it as lightbombs finished on someone, then you should be fine with the encounter.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Hakuteiken » Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:27 am

Group make up is usually.

Prot Paladin (me :D)
x4 melee DPS (rogue, ret paladin, DK, arms warrior)
x2 range DPS (hunter/mage or hunter/warlock)
x3 healers (shaman, druid, disc priest)

I tank XT right at the bottom of the stairs. Disc Priest directly to my left. Resto Druid is on the top left and Resto Shaman is on the top right. That way it gives melee the freedom to move wherever they need to and still get a heal and everyone is in range of a good raid healer.

Disc Priest on me at all times. I heal myself through tantrums and it allows the Disc Priest to raid heal. We call out who has a Light Bomb on them during tantrum to let the healers throw out a few extra ones their way. Also we have any DPS that can self heal like a Ret Paladin, do so during tantrums as well to free up healers to so that no one dies.

Our two range handle the sparks, you can see when one is up cause you get a debuff on the raid. If you haven't, have your ranged make macros to target them quickly once they are up, they'll go down rather fast. If one is up during tantrum, the ranged that has aggro needs to call it out or let it be known so they can get a heal toward 'em.

During the heartburn phase we ignore all adds until the heart is dead then only kill the boombots and misdirect any pummelers onto me. If pummelers are on me, all melee burn them down quickly. We usually just ignore the scrapbots and let them reach XT cause he heals anyway and it doesn't really matter. Beat the enrage in usually 2-3 minutes ahead of time so it isn't a big deal to let them reach XT.

Depending on your group, like say you have a Ret Paladin have them pop Divine Protection during either light bombs or tantrums or if they have both on them to help mitigate damage. We do the same with any DK DPS and they pop IBF all the time to help out the healers.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Donahu » Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:16 am

Been farming his hard-mode for awhile with a set group but last night had some serious issues with people showing up. Managed to down it with -

One Prot warrior
One Ret paladin (Normally Prot, PvP ret spec'd)
One Arms warrior
One Feral druid (Normally resto, never feral in raids)
One Shadow priest
One Moonkin
One Warlock
One Holy Paladin
One Resto Druid (Not a raider, 0 Uld gear)
One Holy Priest

Yeah, no shaman. Fail alt-specs, etc. I'm not sure the DPS numbers people were putting up when the heart is active but I think the Heart had to have gotten another ninja nerf since last week? Has anyone else seen similar (my combat log got corrupted or I would post the worldoflogs link)

Normally, we run it with 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps, but we have a bloodlust then and 1 shot it weekly. I honestly did not think we would get it this week w/o a bloodlust, but thanks to the strategies found here about single tanking it, we did just fine.

Once we pushed into Hard Mode (first attempt, heart was at 3% FAIL), the fight proceeded like normal. We only do one dps on the sparks (myself, boomkin) as it usually dies in a few hits. Bringing 3 healers, you never have to worry about anyone dying. Like ever. We could have pushed it to 2, but felt safer healing through tantrums with three full healers, plus another fail alt spec would probably have hurt us more than helped at that point.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Arcia » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:50 am

Very easy fight after the nerfs.

We did it with 1 tank, 3 healers and 6 dps.

All I did was taunt+exorcism on the sparks and all dps went for sparks when they spawned.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby mgkeeper » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:11 am

Agree, done in 1st try, nothing to worry me about. Just mind the tanking tip, if u tank it in the left between those 2 piles the adds will spawn only from the opposite side. Meaning less adds i guess. all u have to do is target the life spark once summoned and reckoning it with exorcism on top :P
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Belloc » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:32 am

Tanking it between two piles does not result in less adds -- it results in all adds spawning from the other 2 piles. This is not ideal when attempting hard mode for one reason: It takes longer for to get to the boss. Once the heart is dead, you want the pummellers to die as soon as possible. If they're running from all the way across the room, that's not going to happen. What will happen is a whole lot of wasted time.

If you tank in the middle, the pummellers will be arriving either as the heart is dying, or shortly afterwards. Scrap bots will start reaching the boss before the second pummeller dies, which means that you don't have to kill them. Since the boss is at full health, this is completely acceptable. Pummellers die, you finish off any bomb bots, and, bam, no more adds to deal with.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Avengeance » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:32 am

Actually I think you do get less spawns - otherwise how can you explain this:
In 10 men, one try I get no robots spawn at all by tanking in between 2 piles, other tries I get 2 wave of bots. If my assumption is right - XT chooses 2 out of 4 piles to spawn mobs from in 10 men, and if the 2 piles happen to be the 2 closest one, it doesnt spawn.

I never got a Pummeler spawning in 10 men hard mode, maybe once every 10 tries or something.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Serelynn » Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:36 am

I'm certain that XT will only attempt to spawn adds a set number of times, as Avengeance said, if he chooses junk pikes close to him, you get no adds. We haven't seen adds spawn on 10 man XT for a few weeks now, on 25 man XT, we only had one set of scrapbots and a single pummeler spawn when we did hard mode.
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Re: [10] XT Hardmode (Heartbreaker)

Postby Pala » Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:14 am

My friends in another 10man raid group have been doing quite well lately. Here is a video the hunter made of their XT hard mode kill. I like it because I discovered Jimmie's Chicken Shack again from it. The hunter and their boomkin take care of the light sparks by kiting them outwards and around the line of the main group.
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