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Postby Mateo » Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:09 am

Splug wrote:Mateo, what numbers were you using for threat per proc and proc rate? I had heard the innate threat from applying the Thunderfury debuff was removed, and the only threat it generates now is from the 300 damage per proc. Going through the warrior/threat guides on Tankspot, I can't find any specific notes to confirm or deny either of those points. I recall hearing them, but don't remember the source at all.


I'm just going off of the numbers I have over the years. Every patch that something happens to Thunderfury, I go to Blasted Lands, or Zul'Gurub and beat on a Servant of Allistarj/High Priest Venoxis until my weapon breaks (A good 3000-4000 swings and usually do this twice for consistency on my part)

For threat per proc, I'm using simply damage, since our threat modifier doesn't affect the non-holy proc. 300 base damage, +10% (Misery + One-handed Weapon Specialization) and multiply that by its critical rate. (My crit rate since BC came out has been between 4-8%, which suggests it has the base 5% crit rate and takes into account Improved Judgment of the Crusader, and I factored that into my numbers above.

I scan the combat log and use interval between procs to account for proc chance. My interval has stayed between 8.9-9.6 seconds averaged since the nerf in Patch 2.2, which is ~20%. This is consistent with the interval seen in our other tanks that have the weapon as well.

In the end, I can't confirm, or deny anything outside of what's been documented by Blizzard and through my own observations. While I did post some links in my first post to the patch notes that explicitly say TF has been nerfed, there's been some undocumented observations by us as well.

Edit: One of those changes was TF getting ~2% of my spell power at the introduction of BC Beta, and it was quickly removed.


At first, I thought it might've been Sanctity Aura, (I was 5/0/46 at the time) but that would've made the damage 330 and the crit subsequently 495. I didn't have Crusade either, which I thought I did too at first. I made sure I wasn't in a place where I could incur a +damage bonus like Hellfire and I was indeed getting procs for 318 and crits for 477, which increased as I geared up until the very next patch where it went back to 300.
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Postby Lore » Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:26 am

Mateo wrote:
Lore wrote:How would Thunderfury ever out-threat Tempest of Chaos?

Now that I look over it, I wrote down the right number, but I used the wrong number for its proc rate when I made that statement. Seals can't proc TF anymore, (Patch 2.2) which brings it down from 171.51 TPS to 125.18 single target and in the ideal scenario.

You are correct; it will not out-threat Tempest, but its usefulness beyond threat does not go unnoticed.

Oh definitely, I agree with you there.

Also worth noting that the spell damage on Tempest alone is worth about 170 TPS, plus the ~30 TPS you can realistically expect out of the white damage.
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Postby Splug » Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:44 am

Ok, then yeah those numbers sound reasonable. I've heard 21% proc chance (I miss the days of the 30+% spamfest... so many easy duel wins) and hadn't taken into account that paladin 1h spec would improve the damage per proc. If nothing else, I figured confirming/denying the innate threat being removed was worth asking.

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Postby Mateo » Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:50 am

And that's something I didn't even answer, lol. The answer is yes, the innate threat was removed. The DD used to produce 810 bonus threat until 1.5 and even the AoE debuff threat was removed after BC hit in one of the patch notes I linked. :D

Y'know - All they have to do to make TF viable going to level 80 is simply un-nerf it. LOL
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Postby Invisusira » Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:21 pm

You basically can get more threat using a Sun Eater than TF. The treat is meaningless.

On fights where threat doesn't matter, I use it (FLK); otherwise I swap it in after I have a good aggro lead.
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Postby Rustyblade » Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:49 pm

Crittoris wrote:Head- Faceguard of Determination
Neck- Steam-Hinge Chain of Valor
Shoulders- Justicar Shoulderguards
Back- Slikk's Cloak of Placation
Chest- Panzar'Thar Breastplate
Wrist- Amber Bands of the Aggressor
Hands- Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden
Waist- Shat'ari Vindicator's Girdle
Legs- Unwavering Leggards
Feet- Legionbane Greaves of Ayden
Finger1- Andormu's Tear
Finger2- Elementium Band of the Sentry
Trinket1- Figurine of the Colossus
Trinket2- Adamantine Figurine
Libram- Libram of Eternal Rest
Weapon- Sun Eater
Shield- Shield of the Wayward Footman is better then your Elementium Band of the Sentry as it has less dodge but 25 agility which is 1%

Legionbane Greaves of Ayden - WTF are these? Wowhead and google have nothing on them or even a partial search so,... :(
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