Swapping avoidance for stamina

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Swapping avoidance for stamina

Postby Kyroro » Fri May 25, 2007 5:11 pm

Hey all,

After my last KZ run and after getting responses from healers that I had become very very easy to heal (which meant no mana) I started discussing with the warrior in my group that it was probably ok to drop some avoidance and stack other stats, like stamina which we lack.

I swapped out 3 subtle living rubies for 3 solid stones of elune, and now I sit at 11.8k unbuffed. I'm still uncrushable with just gear so I can use the libram to increase consecrate damage. Avoidance is as follows:

521 defense
21.03% dodge
17.60% parry
21.35% block

I also can't ignore the stamina trinket from KZ, so I made another tanking set which uses that trinket, but I have to swap the heroic trinket back in. This puts me at 12.2k hp unbuffed. Avoidance is:

508 defense
20.51% dodge
17.08% parry
20.83% block

Would appreciate some comments about this kind of setup :)
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Postby Aergis » Fri May 25, 2007 5:52 pm

Yep, I took the same all the way.

Now at
13.8k unbuffed hp
16.6k armor with devo
19 ish dodge
16 parry
20 block
400 block val

I like it alot. Almost at 15k hp with just kings, 18k max buffed without flasking with 17k armor, i feel like a druid that can remove crushing blows lol... I used to use a full dodge set, and I personally prefer this pure hp / mitigation way far more.

For example, I tanked Netherspite from during his banish, through the next whole portal phase until his banish again solo ( it was a wipe, I was the only one left alive ). Stacked to 44 and I lived, but died as soon as he did netherbreath the during that banish.
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Postby Tauxalot » Sat May 26, 2007 5:36 am

See this has always been my problem. I am crush immune and all, but is it worth me replacing all of my Enduring Talasites and Subtle Living Rubies for Solid Stars of Elune? I think I would lose quite a bit of avoidance if I go that route, but will the extra health make up for that?

You can check the armor if you like. I do swap around gear for if I need more threat or more avoidance. This gear is a good mixture of both, and usually use this setup for tanking.
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