New paly tanking belt (?)

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New paly tanking belt (?)

Postby Daimokuren » Fri May 25, 2007 10:09 am

Not sure if it's already been posted, but thought I'd give the gear heads up. Belt of the Guardian.

375 Blacksmithing craftable, BoE. Requires Nether Vortexes from SSC, where the Plans also drop I believe. Off of Hydross if not just random trash.

At the very least, it's nice to see more paly-centric tanking pieces. Nice ones at that. Guess I'll have to watch Alliance side progress on Balnazzar and hope a further progressed guild than mine picks it up and I can buy one. :)

Sorry if somebody already covered this. Think there might be a few other new items along these lines and it's just slipping my mind.

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Postby Mavrix » Fri May 25, 2007 10:31 am

That piece is pretty exceptional. However, I don't expect that I will ever see one in person, much less own one, which is a real shame. Too bad horde on my server is very very slow to progress (pretty incredibly frustrating) while simultaneously everything costs 2-3 times more on Alliance side.
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Postby Lev » Mon May 28, 2007 11:57 pm

need, badly need, i would prostitute my pally for this! This is just the first really good made pally tank item i've seen so far!
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Postby Lore » Tue May 29, 2007 7:09 am

Yeah, that belt is pretty amazing. Vortexes drop like candy in there too, I would imagine a lot of guilds will start selling those BoE's before too long, just keep tabs on the guilds in SSC and if/when they get a pattern see about buying one off of them. I don't know what most guilds look at selling them for, the priest belt pattern we've got we were looking at selling for 800-1000g once our priests had it.
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