Not sure if I post this here for advice on our tank

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Not sure if I post this here for advice on our tank

Postby Zalbar » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:02 pm

This time around I'm a resto shaman healer because the guild is full on tanks. The problem I'm having is that our prot pally seems to just die because of stupidity. He's a kid and we want to shepherd him along, but I need to be sure that I know what I'm talking about.

armory: ... inn/simple


Things I noticed off the bat are:

1. Gems and enchants.

2. Pretty sure that SotR uptime should be higher.

3. Positive that Sacred Shield uptime should be way higher

Other than the above, anything else I need to tell him?
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Re: Not sure if I post this here for advice on our tank

Postby Xinmatsu » Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:54 pm

Enchants are fine. Besides weapon. Blackrock/Haste one/Mastery one. I believe most run Blackrock? and some cases mastery. Haven't seen many run haste due to getting 'too much haste'

Gems are fine besides not being +50.

SS should honestly be 100% unless he is rotating it to the other tank/target that needs it.

SotR seems possibly low? Depends on movement. Mine on butcher is 80%~(with SW not DP) and its not a movement. I have less haste then him tho.
His HPS is a little low. Should be hitting 12k~+.

He use Hammer that fight instead of prism like his armory, but on other fights I'd say for progression have him use a macro like this /cast @player Holy Prism if it suits better for the fight over hammer.

Don't see pots, or pre-pots. Don't see shield(Engineering item) or healthstones(the log I'm analyzing the first one you didn't have a lock anyway).
Divine Protection uptime could be slightly higher, but doesn't matter as much due needing to save it at times.

I'd encourage him to run Holy Wrath gylph(damage one), DP glyph, and Hand of Sac(In most cases). Over his current set-up for progression, Hand of Sac can be subbed for stun if it even stuns in the encounter? He might be running right glyphs and using it for something else.

Judgment/Crusader/Hammer timmers/casts look right. So does holy wrath at least how they line up on how much ratio they should be.

Avenger shield usage seems fine with how many times crusader procc'd.

Doesn't look like he uses his Mythic Blind Eye trinket at all during that fight if he had it.

Didn't use hand of sac once. (in theory could of used it 5 times)

Didn't use argent defender once. (He in theory could of used it 3 times).

Plus didn't save himself with lay on hands.

Looking at this I am a bit tired, but that is the best I could see right now. Hope it helps. Big note. Haste is perfectly fine. If you don't believe me feel free to read around about haste.
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