Help with Seraphim and Glyph of Harsh Word

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Help with Seraphim and Glyph of Harsh Word

Postby AdHoc » Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:04 am


I need some help, please, trying to figure out how to use Seraphim and Glyph of Harsh Word correctly.

My Seraphim woes.
If I have the gist of using Seraphim, I need to ensure that I'm always covered by a damage reduction cooldown.
In a nutshell: Sera (15s) -> SotR x2 (6s) -> Div Prot (10s) -> repeat

Scenario A.
I usually reach 5 HP when Sera has ~5s left and both J and CS have just gone on cooldown, so I can't SotR and guarantee that I'll be able to SotR x2 directly after Sera wears off.
Is it correct to waste a HP to ensure full damage reduction cooldown coverage?

Scenario B.
In the Div Prot -> Sera leg of the rotation I'm posed with the same scenario, do I waste a HP and cast Sera the moment Div Prot wears off or do I SotR which causes me to be unshielded by a damage reduction cooldown for 2 - 3 seconds?

In both scenarios it's a question of do I use a HP generator while at 5 HP, a lower priority ability, SotR + HP Generator and be unshielded for 2 - 3 seconds or simply auto attack.
  1. Am I messing up somewhere and this shouldn't be happening?
  2. How do other protection paladins handle this?

Then there is Glyph of Harsh Word.
I've been trying to WoG excess HP when I'm not the active tank, but when I am currently tanking a boss I try to follow the above mentioned rotation while burning Divine Purpose procs on WoG.
Is this the correct way to use the glyph?

The reason I'm requesting help is that my guild is currently struggling a bit to overcome Imperator Mar'gok HC.
A guildmate commented that my Div Prot, SotR and Sera uptime is too low, however there is a lot of tank swapping in the strategy we're following.
Every time I am tanking Mar'gok I try to ensure that either Div Prot or Sera is active, so I'm trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or can improve somewhere.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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Re: Help with Seraphim and Glyph of Harsh Word

Postby Worldie » Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:40 am

The "correct way" to use WoG is to use it instead of shotr anytime you aren't tanking and you aren't banking Hp to cast seraphim right as it comes off cooldown.

If you are actually tanking, you should never cast WoG at all. Since Shor duration stacks, there's no real reason to burn DP procs in WoG if you are focusing on maintaining high uptime in your AM. Other way around, if mitigation and tank deaths are not an issue, you might as well forego ShOR at all and only cast WoG.
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